‘Wife gave birth’ Correa WBC gave up, Lindor and ‘Express Combi’ went missing

Minnesota Twins Carlos Correa withdrew from the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Minnesota announced on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time) that ‘Correa, the national representative of Puerto Rico, has decided not to participate in the 5th WBC’ and ‘Correa’s wife Daniela is expecting a second child during the tournament’. . 토토사이트

“This was a difficult decision for Carlos,” Minnesota Baseball President Derek Palvey said in a statement. “We judged that the schedule of flying back and forth over several days away from the stadium was deteriorating Carlos’ performance,” he explained.

Puerto Rico’s Group D group stage will be held from March 12-16. My wife’s due date is March 12th. It is said that it takes two to three days to leave Miami, where the Group D game is held, and come back after watching his wife give birth.

Correa plans to begin training with his teammates in Fort Myers, Florida, where Minnesota’s spring training will be held on the 20th, Beast Registration Day.

Correa signed a free agency contract with Minnesota this winter for 6 years, 200 million dollars, and up to 270 million won in 10 years, including options, and remained. He is the San Francisco Giants

With Correa excluded, Puerto Rico’s power seems to be greatly weakened. Puerto Rico has Correa’s ‘best friend’, Francisco Lindor (New York Mets), so it was expected to see two major league superstars working together on one team, but it was unfortunately canceled.

Same shortstop, but Correa was scheduled to play third base on the national team. The two competed in the WBC in 2017 and worked together. Group D includes the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Israel and Nicaragua. The Dominican Republic is the strongest force.

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