When Cho Hwan-hee flutters long hair, Konkuk University is excited

“I grow my hair somewhere. If not, you have to cut it. If it gets shorter, you can think of it as stagnant.”

Konkuk University, which advanced to the championship match for the first time in the college basketball league last year, is working on winter training with more expectations this year. The core of Konkuk University is Freddie, who firmly guards the bottom of the goal. Jo Hwan-hee (183cm, G) is responsible for saving Freddy.

Cho Hwan-hee, whom I met during winter training in Jeju Island, said, “In the 1st and 2nd grade, I pushed the 3rd and 4th grade hyungs from behind, and if I went along with them, I felt a sense of responsibility when I was in the 3rd grade. It’s different because it’s coordinated with,” he said. “Last season, if I put more weight on physical training, this time I think it’s better to slowly raise it from the defense while supplementing it.”

When she mentioned that she advanced to the championship match, Hwanhee Cho said, “I was ecstatic. It was a grade that I could not even dream of, but it was good to go up there and enjoy the joy,” he said. now you have to win I did second place, so I have to do first place once this year,” she did.

Konkuk University made a splash in the playoffs, but was in 7th place in the regular league.

Cho Hwan-hee said, “It’s not an excuse, but it’s an excuse (just before the opening of the college basketball league), and everyone’s body sagged while getting corona. Looking at the category championships where all the players lifted their bodies while exercising together, I wonder if we are starters in the second half,” he said. I will at least make it to the semifinals,” he showed confidence.

Korea University, the strongest university, and Yonsei University, where many talented freshmen enter, are holding out. When Cho Hwan-hee asked if it would be possible to win first place even with them, he said, “Of course,” and said, “Freddie, Choi Seung-bin, and Park Sang-woo have better bodies, and I think they will become more seasoned and take responsibility because they experienced one last season.” believed

Cho Hwan-hee, who recorded an average of 9.8 points, 5.0 rebounds, 7.9 assists and 2.1 steals in the college basketball league last year, said, “There is no point guard, so I look at the number 1 (point guard) and look at the opportunities of Sang-woo, Seung-bin, and Baek Ji-woong through pick-and-rolls. He gave and led,” he said. “I put more effort in defense. As a point guard, I tried to save the team by passing with a sense of responsibility,” he reflected on his play last year. 메이저사이트

Cho Hwan-hee, who was also evaluated as launching a self-centered attack, said, “In the beginning, I tried to solve it without focusing on my attack. It was easier because I looked at my attack and released it like that, starting with the individual championship, hitting a quick break and scoring,” he said. The high-low game is my strength, so I will try to make use of that. I want to do it slowly when I’m going slow, and I want to do it quickly when I’m going fast so my opponent doesn’t calm down on defense.”

When asked why he was growing his hair for the last time, Cho Hwan-hee said, “I grow my hair somewhere. If not, you have to cut it. If it gets shorter, you can think of it as stagnant.”

Jo Hwan-hee is growing her hair after she sees an overseas athlete. Konkuk University doesn’t really care, but if you violate the team’s policy, you have your hair cut short. Choi Seung-bin was like that last year.

If Jo Hwan-hee, who received the most attention from head coach Hwang Jun-sam in last year’s winter training, pats the court with her hair flying, it will mean that Konkuk University is excited.

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