Volkanovski, 108 kg as a rugby player. 70kg Makachev is nothing

Alexander Volkanovsky is small. He is the shortest among featherweight rankers at 1m68. But with that key, he lightly beats Jose Aldo, Max Holloway, Ortega and Korea Zombie Chan-sung Jeong.

Jeong Chan-seong, who lost to him, even said that he felt a ‘wall he couldn’t overcome’.

I usually don’t even weigh that much. It is not difficult for him to lose 65 kg of featherweight. However, his weight once exceeded 100 kg.

He’s the same height, but he’s very big, so Volkanovski never considers himself short.

He played professionally for the Australian semi-professional rugby league Five Stones.

When he quit in 2011 at the age of 23, his weight was around 100kg. So when he first entered martial arts, he was at welterweight. His only one loss in martial arts was that welterweight fight.

His ‘incredible stamina’ was forged in rugby, and while playing rugby, he took MMA training and turned professional.

He said that he once reached a maximum of 108 kg during his rugby career.

Volkanovski expressed his confidence in victory while talking about his weight in an interview with Submission Radio on the 11th.

“We understand that Makachev has had a hard time losing weight. He is very weak now. But I’m about to explode. It seems like Makachev is underestimating him because he is small, but he will get a serious nose injury.”

Volkanovski added, “When the match starts and you face me, Makhachev will feel that I am strong and will look puzzled.”

On the 12th, at UFC 284 in Perth, Australia, Volkanovski will challenge the featherweight and lightweight two-weight division champions against lightweight champion Islam Makacher.

Most expect his defeat, but he has a very high IQ in martial arts and is confident of victory, citing various reasons such as weight loss and power. 안전놀이터

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