Tottenham, ‘lost players by Arsenal’, is it actually the result of looking back three years later?

Leandro Trossar (28), who had been rumored to sign a contract with Tottenham, headed to Arsenal through the transfer market this winter. Did Tottenham lose it? Or did I miss it even though I knew it?

The British media’The Bootroom’ said on the 3rd (Korean time), “It is said that the reason why Brighton sent Trosar to Arsenal instead of Tottenham was because Tottenham’s first proposal was poor, but in reality Tottenham has a high resale value of Trosar. I decided not to, so I didn’t recruit him.”

Tottenham tried to sign Trossar, who was playing for Brighton last month, but gave it to Arsenal.

Trossar had seven goals and three assists in 16 appearances for Brighton before moving to Arsenal. Now he looks set to take charge of Arsenal’s left flank.

His Arsenal debut was also perfect. Trossar started on the 28th of last month against Manchester City in the 2022-2023 season FA Cup 4th Round (Round of 32). Although the team lost 0-1, his performance was outstanding. He started as a left winger and rocked Manchester City’s right flank.

Trossar, who roamed the ground for about 66 minutes before he was replaced by Gabriel Martinelli and left the ground, had 1 effective shot, 2 chances created, 78% pass success rate (7/9), 1 ball into the final third, cross Recorded 2 successes. In addition, he showed his presence in defense, including 2 successful tackles and 4 ball recoveries.

After the game, ‘Football London’ gave Trossar a rating of 7 and said, “He was Arsenal’s best player in the first half. He created the most threatening chances with intelligent pressure and threatening dribbling. In the second half, his influence was relatively small, but he was promising.” said highly.

On this day,’The Bootroom’ said, “Tottenham had an opportunity to easily recruit Trosar. Brighton was offered a £12m contract by Tottenham last month. But Brighton laughed at it,” he said. “(Even knowing that) Tottenham did not make an improved offer. In the process, Arsenal suddenly offered Brighton £20 million (approximately 32 billion won) plus a bonus option clause.”

However, there was a hidden reason why Tottenham really gave up on his signing. 메이저놀이터

‘The Bootroom’ said, “Trosar is 28 years old, so Tottenham thought ‘he lacks resale value’. Tottenham don’t think it’s a good decision to pay £20m for a player whose ransom will be cut in half three years later.”

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