The story of Samsung’s ‘father’ and LG’s ‘mother’ belatedly meeting in Daegu

In October of last year, Park Jin-man (47), Samsung Lions coach, took office as the official command tower, and then LG Futures coach Lee Byung-gyu (49), a former LG Twins legend, was recruited as the head coach, the highest staff. When I did it, everyone in the baseball world was puzzled. This is because coach Park Jin-man and chief Lee Byeong-gyu had never worked together in the same team from the time they were both players and coaches.

Coach Park debuted as a professional at Hyundai Unicorns in 1996, played for Samsung Lions and SK Wyverns, and continued his coaching career at SK and Samsung until he became the manager. Chief Lee debuted at LG in 1997 and was an ‘LG Man’ to the bone, having spent his entire career as a player and coach at LG, except for the time when he entered the Japanese professional baseball (Chunichi Dragons). He had no school ties or delays. Director Park, who is from Incheon and has continued his school life in Incheon, including Incheon High School, and Lee Soo-seok, who is from Seoul and graduated from Seoul, so there was no point of contact between the two. Lee, who was born in 1974, is two years older than Park. I can’t help but wonder that the two of them are working together as head coach and head coach on the same team 온라인카지노.

However, the relationship between the two has been going on well beyond the years. Coach Park said, “I met Lee Soo-seok at the national team and have maintained a relationship. During the season and during expeditions, we often met privately to talk about baseball, and we also have meetings with our families.” It is said that the two first met in earnest when they won a bronze medal while wearing national team uniforms while participating in the 2000 Sydney Olympics in Australia.

As they shared their joys and sorrows in the national team and won the bronze medal, the two cherished their relationship. The two, who were connected by such a story, are determined to have a blast this season as they eat rice in one pot at Samseong in Daegu. Since Chief Lee is working as the coach of Australia’s Geelong Korea team in the Stove League, the two have been guiding the team by working hand in hand since spring camp in February.

In the Samsung training camp in Okinawa, Japan, which is currently in full swing, coach Park is leading the team as ‘father’ and chief Lee as ‘mother’. While coach Park emphasizes ‘competition’ and ‘training’ to the team and acts as a strict father, Chief Lee acts as a mother who comforts and accepts the difficult parts of the players and coaches, and conducts field training well. It is evaluated both inside and outside that the breathing between the two fits perfectly. It’s possible because we’ve been together for a long time and know each other well.

Chief Lee said, “Our coach is so scary. He has a smile on his face, but when he sees him in training, he drives the players fiercely.”

It is of interest to see what results the Korean baseball legends will produce this season, who are leading Samsung as strict ‘dad’ and caring ‘mom’. I wonder what kind of synergy the two know-how accumulated at Samsung and LG will exert.

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