“The actual game time of the K-League is less than 50 minutes… Extended extra time”

The Korea Football Association (KFA) grants enough additional time to compensate for the suspended game time to increase the actual playing time. The time to enter the video review (VAR) is expected to be included in the additional time.

According to the Korea Football Association on the 11th, referee chairman Moon Jin-hee said in a training session for domestic U-12 leaders in Kagoshima, Japan in December last year, “In this Qatar World Cup, while watching the referee’s game management that sufficiently revives the players’ 토토사이트 play, in 2023, I came to have more thoughts about increasing APT.”

Chairman Moon explained, “The average APT of the Qatar World Cup was 59 minutes,” and “On the other hand, the K-League is less than 50 minutes.”

The time spent reading the VAR is included in the additional time. Chairman Moon said, “VAR is entering its 6th year, and there is time wasted due to VAR. It takes a long time to communicate), and there is also time required for on-field reviews,” he predicted, “we will put enough extra time into this.”

It is expected that up to extra hours of extra time will be given. Chairman Moon said, “Even after the announcement of additional time, delays may occur.”

Regarding the point that the game becomes boring if the extra time is long, “The extra time means that the referee measures the time wasted and grants that much time,” he said. I wish,” he said.

He also emphasized that he would create a culture that does not delay time from the youth stage.

Regarding this, Chairman Moon cited as an example the game of Japanese players under the age of 12. He said, “First of all, the players do not want to delay play. 토토사이트 Both the winning team and the losing team play quickly,” he said. We also hope that this kind of culture will be created from youth to the K-League in the future.”

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