Taekwondo merges with esports…Singaporean 15-year-old wins title

An international taekwondo competition combined with esports has come to a successful conclusion.

“The Olympic Esports Series 2023, which featured eight elite retired athletes, including Korean national team coach Hwang Kyung-sun, and 메이저사이트 eight Singaporean junior athletes, has concluded,” the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) said on Saturday. “The athletes competed using simulation technology at the Suntec Center in Singapore from 22 to 25 July.”

Nigel Tan (15-SINGAPORE) won the men’s junior title. The runner-up was female junior player Natalie Thor (15-SINGAPORE).

The Olympic Esports Series 2023 is a global virtual and simulated sports competition created by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) together with International Federations (IFs) and game producers and distributors.

Virtual Taekwondo utilizes cutting-edge technology to track players’ movements, and wins by exhausting the measurements of the opponent’s avatar.

It’s a sport that can be played by anyone, regardless of age, gender, physical condition, or location.

In fact, only two out of eight retired elite athletes made it to the quarterfinals.

Olympic gold medalist Hwang Kyung-sun failed to make it to the quarterfinals.

“The Olympic Esports Series is an exciting competition with no physical limitations,” said WTF President Choi Joong Won, “and junior athletes have realized their dream of competing against athletes they admire.”

The Games featured 10 sports, including taekwondo, archery, baseball, chess, cycling, dance, sailing, motorsports, tennis and the online video game Fortnite.

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