T1 Manager Bae Seong-woong “Caitlin, I prepared from last Worlds”

T1 won the Kwangdong Freecs 2-0 at the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring held at Gran Seoul LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 26th. Seong-woong Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong, the winner, revealed his thoughts on the game in an interview after the match. 스포츠토토

▶T1 ‘Bengi’ Seong-woong Bae Coach
Seong-woong Bae was not satisfied with the win against the Kwangdong Freecs and was quickly preparing for the next game. Coach Bae said, “I thought today’s game was an important game, and today’s victory was a great help in preparing for the next game.”

He expressed his opinion that the overall result of the game seemed to be better than practice. He said, “In the case of the first set, it was easy to choose because it was blue. I practiced in the second set, and the results seem to have come out well. The results seem to be better than in practice.” Regarding the choice of Caitlin supporter, he expressed satisfaction, saying, “I have prepared a combination using Caitlin since Worlds.

In particular, coach Bae judged the next game to be the match of the season. He predicted the match, saying, “D Plus Kia has no set losses and is in good spirits. We are also preparing. It is unlikely that such an easy composition will come out.”

He continued, “The team that wins the next game will rise to first place. It’s the first place match and at the same time, I will work hard to prepare to ride the momentum,” expressing his determination for the next game.

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