Swept Toronto coach: “Players get the message…we don’t need to spill the beans”

What message did manager John Schneider, Toronto Blue Jays, who faced the worst result by giving up all the important series?

“We need to hit better, we need to throw better,” Schneider said in an interview after losing the home game 2-9 against the Texas Rangers at Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 15th (Korea Standard Time). “We have to suppress walks,” he said, expressing his thoughts on the current situation.

Toronto gave up the game in vain as the batters failed to target the opposing pitchers while starter Kevin Gaussman was sluggish with six hits, two home runs, six walks, five strikeouts and four runs in 42/3 innings.

These games were repeated in four consecutive games, giving up all of the series to Texas, which is competing for the wild card rankings.

According to Canadian sports media SportsNet, it is the first time in the club’s history that the Blue Jays have been swept four consecutive games at home in September. In addition, the -26 gain and loss margin recorded in this series is the worst record in the club’s history for four consecutive games.

“It wasn’t a good series,” continued Schneider, “and it wasn’t the best look in anything imaginable. “As there is a big game left, I will come back tomorrow,” he continued.strikemall.com

Regarding the game, he said, “The opposing batters made Gaussman suffer. It was like that up and down the line. This is what I’ve shown all season. We sent out a lot of runners, but we couldn’t hit when we needed them. “If I scored in the beginning, I should find a way to add more points afterwards, but I couldn’t today,” he said.

Regarding the recent sluggish Trevor Richards again in the eighth inning to allow a large number of runs, he briefly replied, “He threw 65 innings and struck out 94 this season.”

Since Major League Baseball is a long-term game that plays 162 games a year, the mindset of playing one game cannot be the same as other sports, and team meetings are not often held after the game. However, in a situation where you have been swept in an important game like now, something may be needed.

In this regard, Schneider said, “The players also understand the message. Even before the game, we gathered as a group and talked. I don’t think it’s necessary to turn the table upside down. These players know well what to do. The question is whether to put it into practice,” he said, expressing his thoughts.

“Our players are resilient,” heals well. I’ve been doing this for a very long time. There will be no problem with confidence. Focus on tomorrow’s game again and solve the problem as soon as possible. We have no other choice. An important three-game series will be held on the weekend right now. “All series are important now,” he said, expressing his intention to focus on three consecutive games against the Boston Red Sox, which will begin a day later.

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