‘Suspension lifted’ Ha Joo-seok won’t return immediately. Why “8 months off, second team first”

Ha Joo-seok (29-Hanwha), who was suspended for 70 games for drunk driving, is close to being cleared. Hanwha is one game away from completing his suspension, but he won’t be returning to the first team right away. He will have to get acclimatized in the second team Futures League.

Hanwha played 69 games this season until the game against KT in Daejeon on Nov. 27. Ha Joo-seok, who received a 70-game suspension 꽁머니지급 from the KBO after being caught driving under the influence last November, is one game away from completing his suspension. He will be eligible to play in the first team from the 29th against KT once his suspension is over.

However, there is no immediate call-up to the first team. When Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho met with the media before the game on the 27th, he said, “He hasn’t played a game yet. He needs to play first. We’ll have to see how (his condition) is during the game.”

The KBO suspension covers both first and second team official games. Ha, who has been focusing on personal training with the Seosan Residents during his suspension, hasn’t participated in any practice games. Although it is not against the rules to play in a practice game with a college team or an independent team, he had to be conscious of public opinion.

In addition to his personal training, Ha has been doing volunteer work. Last month, he visited his alma mater, Shin Il-Go, to donate baseball equipment and give one-point lessons, and he also spent time volunteering at Anna’s House, a shelter for the homeless and underprivileged run by Italian Father Kim Hajong in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do.

Ha Joo-seok said, “I will continue to volunteer in between, not just once. No matter what my circumstances are, I will continue to visit Anna’s House periodically to serve meals to those in need and wash dishes. I will think about what I can do to help the homeless people and youth here,” he promised.

Ha’s last official game appearance was against the Changwon NC on October 8, last year, which was the final game of the season. “I didn’t play a single game for eight months,” Choi said. During that time, I only trained and did live betting,” Choi said, adding, “When I’m ready for the first team, I’ll talk to the club and decide.” “There’s no reason why I shouldn’t play for the first team once my suspension is over.

If he finds some form in the Futures League, he could be in line for a call-up to the first team. “Ha’s defense at shortstop is top-notch in the entire KBO,” Choi said. “If we expect him to hit, he needs more time to prepare. He hasn’t played for eight months, so he can’t keep up with fastballs. If we just look at the defense, I think we can be a little bit faster. Still, 메이저사이트 주소 there is a gap, so (even in the second team) we need to play five innings at first, then take a day off, and then go to nine innings. If the Futures League games don’t get canceled due to rain, I think (a first-half call-up) is possible.” He will be eligible to play in the Futures League from the 29th against SSG.

Without Ha Joo-seok, Hanwha has shared the shortstop spot between Oh Sun-jin, Park Jung-hyun, and Lee Do-yoon this season. Park got his first chance at the position at the beginning of the season, but he didn’t live up to expectations, and veteran Oh Sun-jin has been the starter since May. However, after being hit in the jaw by a ball against Kiwoom on the 1st, he was sent to the rehabilitation camp. Lee Do-yoon has been struggling with a nagging hamstring injury that has delayed his return to the first team. His return will give Hanwha a big boost in terms of defense and team depth.

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