SK ‘Poker Face’ Lee Woo-kyung, “Billiards is a mentally deceptive game”

Lee Woo-gyeong (26) of SK Rent-A-Car lost the match against Huons in the 6th round of the 2022-2023 Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League Late League (Rounds 4-6) held at the Sono Calm Hotel in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do on the night of the 11th ( 1-4) and then said:

On this day, SK Rent-A-Car only won the women’s doubles match between Lee Woo-kyung and Hida Orie in the second set, and lost the first, third, fourth and fifth sets to give up the match. It was a blow in a situation desperate for one win to advance to the postseason. SK Rent-A-Car, which is tied for second place, has to face off against Blue One Resort, Welcome Savings Bank, and Crown Haetae in order to rank 1st and 2nd in the latter half of the league with the right to advance to the postseason.

Lee Woo-gyeong, who is exclusively participating in the women’s doubles, was not shaken at all by the team’s defeat that day. He said, “I feel frustrated and upset when the team loses. But so is billiards. No matter how well you feel, the outcome can be determined by the luck of a single bank shot. In addition, minute details such as the table state become variables. You shouldn’t care,” he said. Rather, “Toward the end, the venom builds up. The team atmosphere is good and there is enough practice, so we will definitely advance to the postseason.”

Lee Woo-gyeong, who entered 3-cushion at the age of 19, is a representative player with no change in expression. He said, “I heard the word poker face from the beginning of his playing career. In order to win, you have to fool your opponent in terms of mentality, but it is more of a strong heart than that appearance.”

It was the first time I joined the team league this season, but the reason why I melted well is also because of the ‘mental power’ effect. Lee Woo-gyeong, who said, “I have been criticized for being ‘brave,’ ‘bold,’ and ‘boldly’ from a young age,” said Lee Woo-kyung, “When I first entered the team league, the atmosphere was unfamiliar and I was nervous because I had to deal with prominent players, but now I’m used to it.” said 온라인바카라

He learns a lot while training with teammates like Kang Dong-gung and Eddie Leppens. He introduced, “I hit the ball with a strong impact, and I learned how to hit the ball without difficulty from leader Edina Gang Dong-gung.” These points are producing results, such as advancing to the semifinals at NH Nonghyup Card Bae, the 6th solo exhibition tour.

Lee Woo-gyeong, who says she practices more than 9 hours a day, said, “Billiards is like an onion that never ends no matter how many times you peel it off. No matter what you do, something you don’t know comes out. Same goes for Cudron. I have no choice but to practice and study every day,” he said.

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