Shall we stab Lee Kang-in and Hwang Hee-chan run? “Wolverhampton should be recruited for 23 billion”

Wolverhampton recommended Kang-in Lee (21, Mallorca) as a ‘primer league special talent’. If Lee Kang-in joins Wolverhampton, you may see Hwang Hee-chan receive Lee Kang-in’s pass.

Wolverhampton local media ‘Moly New News’ recommended on the 23rd (Korean time), “Wolverhampton has become difficult to ignore Lee Kang-in. Wolverhampton must create a more certain opportunity. The player who can help Wolverhampton is Lee Kang-in.”

The media said, “Lee Kang-in’s team Mallorca is in 8th place. Lee Kang-in is also having the best season in the Primera Liga. Lee Kang-in can play in various midfield positions, such as the side and the number 10 role. Currently, there are Joao Moutinho and Adama Treore, and Lee Kang-in is I can play both roles,” he said.

In the past, Wolverhampton also announced the situation they were aiming for. ‘Moly New News’ said, “Wolverhampton tried to recruit Lee Kang-in during his Valencia days. Lee Kang-in is a very positive player for Wolverhampton. He also has direct attack indicators. It will be a good attacking option for Wolverhampton. It is reasonable at 10,000 pounds (about 23.4 billion won).”

In fact, Lee Kang-in is active in the Primera Liga. He has fully compensated for his shortcomings this season and has emerged as a key player for Mallorca. He also boarded the International Football Federation (FIFA) World Cup in Qatar at the last minute and raised his attacking points in the final stage.

In the last ‘2022-23 season Spanish Primera Liga’ 22nd round against Villarreal, he also recorded the league’s 4th help. He led Mallorca’s attack with an accurate left-footed kick while actively participating in defense. For 80 minutes, the pass success rate was 86%, and the cross success rate with two key passes was 100%. 슬롯사이트

It was regrettable that we missed the goalkeeper 1-1 in the counterattack, but we showed the best performance. The Mallorca home crowd also gave generous support with a standing ovation when Lee Kang-in was replaced.

There were many Premier League teams targeting Lee Kang-in in the transfer market last winter. Mallorca declared ‘no transfer unless buyout now’ and insisted on Lee Kang-in’s stay. If Lee Kang-in joins Wolverhampton, we might see a combination with Hwang Hee-chan and the Korean national team.

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