Remaining strands even in ‘Excluding UCL list’… the director himself said

The British media ‘Guardian’ highlighted on the 11th (Korean time), “Chelsea manager Graham Porter said that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (33) would remain with the team. Aubameyang’s sincere attitude left a deep impression on Porter.” .

Aubameyang, once one of the world’s leading strikers, has recently been rumored to be released. The resignation of coach Thomas Tuchel (49), a teacher at Borussia Dortmund, was decisive. Aubameyang left FC Barcelona and joined Chelsea, but as coach Tuchel left the team due to friction with Chelsea president Todd Boelli, he gradually began to fall behind in the competition for the starting position.

In the meantime, Chelsea continued their aggressive recruitment in the winter transfer market. Striker David Popana (20), Joao Felix (23), and Mihailo Mudrik (21) were brought in to strengthen the attacking line. Kai Havertz (24) remains at Chelsea. It seemed that the transfer of Aubameyang, whose position was getting narrower, was certain. The British media ‘Metro’ and others predicted that Aubameyang would be released after three months at Chelsea. 바카라사이트

Things have turned around. According to the report of the British media ‘Metro’ on the 8th, Aubameyang was likely to transfer to Rose Angeles FC in the United States. Chelsea have removed Aubameyang from the list for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) tournament. The media raised the possibility of leaving the team, saying, “Aubameyang was in Milan, Italy during the English Premier League (PL) match between Chelsea and Fulham last time.” However, manager Porter himself announced the news of Aubameyang’s stay at Chelsea.

Chelsea manager Porter said in an interview: “Aubameyang has returned to training this week. He is one of the important players. We understand and respect his situation. It is up to them to decide how to behave. He has a great attitude. I went to training with it. I’m sure.”

The reason for the recent absence was also explained. Porter said, “Chelsea have forwards Felix and Havertz Popana. They all needed playing time. That’s why Aubameyang was left off the list.”

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