Peter Crouch “nearly no one talks about Kane”…Players and fans compliment Kane for not sticking to his transfer

“Tottenham are Harry Kane’s team,” Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola once said.

Indeed, Tottenham’s tactics are centered around Kane. That’s because he scores a lot of goals.

But then he left for Germany, and there was no one to fill his shoes. Everyone was concerned. There were even predictions that Tottenham would slip to the middle of the league without Kane.

However, after five rounds this season, Spurs are in second place behind Manchester City with four wins and one draw.

This has surprised everyone. Former Spurs player Peter Crouch is no exception.

In a recent interview with the 90 Minutes YouTube channel, Crouch praised Spurs for doing well without Kane, according to British media outlets.온라인카지노

“James Maddison has taken over Kane’s number 10 shirt and he looks like he’s really ready for it, he looks like he likes the responsibility,” Crouch said in response to the host’s question. The good thing about Tottenham at the moment is that nobody is talking about Kane.”

Maddison, who joined Spurs from Leicester City, has silenced those who doubted Spurs’ ability to fill Kane’s void. His precise passing and eye for goal have been praised for adding a new dimension to Tottenham’s attacking play.

But Tottenham’s transformation extends beyond just one player. The entire team is showing a new resilience and unity. Players like Son Heung-min have embraced their roles and taken on more responsibility in Kane’s absence.

Meanwhile, Tottenham will face rivals Arsenal on the 24th. It will be a test of Spurs’ true quality.

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