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Women’s professional volleyball Pepper Savings Bank set a score of 3-2 (23-25 ​​25-15 18-25 25-17 15- 12) and won a new victory.

With this victory, he reported his 4th win (25 losses) of the season and recorded 11 points. It is the most wins in one season since the team was founded. Pepper Savings Bank, which jumped into the V-League last season, recorded only 3 wins and 28 losses and 11 points.

They led 12-8 in team blocking and 6-2 in serve. Opposite spiker Nia Reed set up a solid wall with 8 blocks. He scored 32 points (39.34% attack success rate), the most among both teams. Outside hitter Lee Han-bi scored 21 points (38.78% attack success rate), including 1 block and 1 serve.

Outside hitter Park Kyung-hyun also added 14 points (attack success rate 45.16%). Middle blocker Choi Ga-eun scored 10 points (attack success rate 50%) with 3 blocks and 3 serves. Four players scored in double digits and played evenly.

Pepper Savings Bank, driven by a set score of 1-2, increased its momentum from the beginning of the 4th set and led the match to a full set. The 5th set was tight from the beginning. Pepper Savings Bank quickly ran away 11-6 by tying Nia Reed’s two back attacks, Lee Han-bi’s two open, and the opponent’s room. After that, he was chased by 13-11 due to a crime. In 14-12, Nia Reid’s open goal sealed the victory. 메이저놀이터

The road construction only got 1 point. They maintained 3rd place with 48 points (16 wins, 13 losses). Park Jung-ah and Catbell, who were placed as outside heaters, each scored 24 points (attack success rate 46.94%) with 1 block and 21 points (attack success rate 33.33%) with 2 blocks. Middle blocker Bae You-na added 15 points (attack success rate 47.83%) with 3 blocks and 1 serve.

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