Park Jin-man hits out at ‘Oh Jae-won empty-ball conviction’ “I don’t understand the whole controversy thing, is there a pitcher who throws for a home run?”

Do any pitchers throw to hit home runs?”

Park Jin-man (47), manager of the Samsung Lions, responded to the dune controversy between right-handed pitchers Yang 메이저놀이터 Chang-seop (24-Samsung) and Choi Jung (36-SSG Landers) the day before. “I don’t understand why such a story is coming out,” he said, especially when Sportvision commentator Oh Jae-won (38) seemed to be convinced that the Samsung bench was calling for an empty ball. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung (51) also did not want to expand on the ‘intentional empty ball’ story, saying that it is not in line with the current world.

Ahead of SSG’s 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League regular season away game against SSG at Incheon SSG Landers Field in Michuhol-gu, Incheon, on April 25, he said, “There was a story like that (Oh’s comments) on the broadcast. Pitchers try to dig into their opponent’s weaknesses, and hitters try to figure out the pitcher’s weaknesses. Our analysis showed that Choi was weak against the body, and that’s what he pitched. As a result, Lee Seung-hyun threw a changeup in Choi’s previous at-bat and he hit a home run,” explains the dune situation.

“There are pitchers who throw to hit home runs. I don’t understand why there is controversy over that pitch when it’s meant to exploit the batter’s weaknesses,” he said.

Here’s the situation. In the bottom of the seventh inning of the 24th game between the two teams, tied 7-7, Choi led off with a solo shot to set the stage for SSG’s big inning. SSG then scored five runs in quick succession, and Choi faced Yang Chang-seop, whose four-pitch, 146-kilometer-per-hour fastball grazed Choi’s body. Choi took one look at Yang and headed for first base, as the previous three pitches had gone over Choi’s head.

Yang Chang-seop apologized to Choi Jung after he reached first base, but commentator Oh Jae-won said, “It was an open slap. It’s a good thing it only grazed his clothes. I hate this situation the most.” When Yang Chang-seop bowed his head, he said, “There is no need to apologize for this. It was strange before this. I was trying to be nice. There’s no way Choi Jeong doesn’t know,” as if he was sure it was an empty ball.

After the game, Yang Chang-seop posted on his social media, “Fish are always caught with their mouths. The controversy heated up even more when Oh responded by posting a photo on his social media with a Talmudic phrase that read, “Fish are always caught by their mouths, and humans are also caught by their mouths.

Director Kim Won-hyung was also wary of the enlargement. “Whether it’s right or wrong, I think all teams, not just us, are trying to play normal baseball 메이저놀이터 주소 even with a score difference. If you look at the KBO League from recent years, the culture is different from what we played when we were playing. In our time, there were situations where we would feel sorry for each other because we were told to play baseball with a strong fighting spirit on the mound, but now, we don’t seem to create a situation where a player is intentionally hit just because he is good at hitting,” he said.

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