“Our weakness is high, the opponent’s height is not lowered”… Blocking 5-16 inferiority, sigh of defeat

“If the main strikers fail to hit, a crisis will come.”

GS Caltex, led by coach Sang-Hyun Cha, held a set score 1-3 (17-25, 24-26, 25-19, 22) in a home game against KGC Ginseng Corporation in the 5th round of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Division held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 12th. -25) and fell to 5th place.

MoMA Basoko Letizia (registered name MoMA) scored 25 points, Kwon Min-ji scored 17 points, the most in a single game, and Kang So-hui 16 points, but could not laugh. 슬롯사이트

After the game, coach Sang-Hyun Cha said, “Overall, I thought the condition of both teams was not bad. After 20 points in the second set, I couldn’t save the chance ball. That part is unfortunate,” he said.

How did you see Kwon Min-ji’s performance, who scored the most points in an individual game?

Director Cha said, “Currently, Yoo Seo-yeon is not in good condition. Today is not my condition. If Seo-yeon doesn’t work out like today, Kwon Min-ji has to go in. Minji Kwon has good height and receiving. He is a player who needs to be utilized,” he said.

GS Caltex was 5-16 in blocking, and 20-13 in offense, 7 more than the opponent.

Coach Sang-Hyun Cha said, “We have to make the offensive power come out, but it is not easy. From the opponent’s point of view, the height does not suddenly drop. We will face a crisis if our main strikers, such as Moma and Kang So-hui, fail to hit. Weaknesses increase. It is true that it is burdensome,” he sighed.

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