“Ohtani will eventually sign with LAD” Why do experts see it that way?

 As the free agency market is passing the middle, the prospect that one year later, the biggest free agent, LA Angels Shohei Ohtani, will transfer to the neighboring club LA Dodgers is being discussed strongly.

The Angels are focusing on reinforcing their power this winter to advance to the playoffs next year, raising the issue of not trading Ohtani. Owner Art Moreno, who announced the sale of the club, renews the contract with Ohtani early for $30 million and raises power, which can be seen as maximizing the value of the club.

However, local experts predict that Ohtani will be traded next summer or, if not, become a free agent after next season and move to a winning team. The reason why the Dodgers are being mentioned as a transfer team is for various reasons, such as championship 스포츠토토 history, financial ability to pay for Ohtani, and LA, which has a great marketing effect for Asian players.

The reason the Dodgers are not opening their wallets this offseason is obviously to catch Ohtani next year. Ohtani’s estimated ransom is between $400 million and $500 million. For a 10-year contract, an annual average of 40 to 50 million dollars must be paid annually, but it is impossible to come up with it unless it is a big market club such as the Dodgers, New York Yankees, or New York Mets.

As Ohtani’s future next year emerged as a hot topic of interest, four reporters from CBS Sports gave their opinions on Ohtani’s future next year on the 16th (Korean time). Reporters JR Anderson, Matt Snyder, Dane Perry and Mike Axisa participated. Two predicted the Dodgers, one predicted the Yankees, and one predicted the Dodgers and the Mets, respectively.

They all thought that they would spend one season next year with the Angels. Here’s why. The Angels added starting pitcher Tyler Anderson, outfielder Hunter Renfro, and infielder Geo Ursella this offseason to make up for the gap. Efforts to reinforce power stand out. It seems that next year, we will be able to fight for 1st and 2nd place in the American League West Division. It won’t get to the point of letting Ohtani go at the summer trade deadline.

However, in November next year, Ohtani will line up the clubs who come with bundles of money to set up a negotiating table. Among them, experts believe that the Dodgers will be the priority. Reporter Axisa said, ‘I think Ohtani will get to the Dodgers along the highway. The Dodgers are trying to avoid the luxury tax this year. Expect to spend a lot of money next year. He also has the experience of signing huge long-term contracts with Mookie Betts and Freddy Freeman. Ohtani is perfect,’ he explained.

Reporter Anderson said, ‘I think Ohtani will wear a Dodgers or Mets uniform. For Angels fans, I hope the previous team can go to the playoffs at least once.

Reporter Snyder said, ‘Ohtani is not hiding his eagerness for the playoffs. The Dodgers are a winning power team. There is nothing to go far. The Dodgers can sign a megaton-level contract,’ he said. “I believe the Yankees will use their vast resources to add Ohtani to the roster along with Aaron Judge,” said Perry.

In addition to them, Chris Russo, host of MLB Network High Heat, also said on the day, “I think Ohtani will eventually become a Dodgers player next year.” He absolutely believes so,’ he affirmed.

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