Now, the modifier “Kim Tae-kyun’s successor” fits well, but it’s still a long way off “If you do it step by step…”

 Hanwha Eagles Roh Si-hwan (23) 메이저놀이터 is heading for a meaningful record as a successor to Kim Tae-gyun (41, KBSN commentator).

This season, Noh Si-hwan is active with a batting average of 0.307, 26 home runs, and 71 RBIs in 94 games, with an OPS of 0.962.

Above all, attention is focused on the number of home runs. 1st place in the home run category alone. It is 5 points away from second place Choi Jeong (SSG). He is moving towards becoming the first home run king in his debut.

In particular, against Suwon KT on the 9th, he played 3 home runs in his first game in his life. He had 7 multi-homers, but was the first to hit 3 home runs.

As Noh Si-hwan emerged as a strong candidate for the home run king, the legends of the eagle corps were summoned. They are Jang Jong-hoon (55) and Kim Tae-gyun.

Wearing a Binggrae uniform, Jang Jong-hun recorded 28, 35, and 41 from 1990 to 1992, and became the home run king for three consecutive years.

The next player to take over the baton is Kim Tae-gyun. He hit 31 home runs in 2008 to become the home run king.

If Noh Si-hwan succeeds, the home run king from Hanwha will be born in 15 years.

In particular, it is more meaningful because Noh Si-hwan, who has been designated as the ‘successor of Kim Tae-gyun’, has the possibility of succeeding in life. Coincidentally, commentator Kim Tae-gyun was in charge of relaying the three-game series against KT this time. He hit 3 homers in front of a senior he respected.

Noh Si-hwan, whom we met on the 10th after it was canceled in the rain, said, “I’m still not even under the feet of senior Kim Tae-gyun. I’m a player who doesn’t have a lot of career yet. Anyone can see that the senior has a great career. I’m not far behind.”

Still, he continued to grow and added his determination to raise grades suitable for Kim Tae-gyun’s successor. He expressed his confidence, “Because I am growing step by step, I think I will be able to approach Kim Tae-gyun’s good record as I grow like this year after year.”

In his third year, in 2021, he hit 18 homers and heard the evaluation that he finally broke the egg, but the expectation turned into disappointment in just one year. Due to injuries and sluggishness, he only hit 6 homers last year.

So he was even more incisive in the off-season. Focused on training to lose his weight and put his hitting points in front. His batting form has also returned to his most confident form. He also put in a lot of effort, such as taking one-point lessons from Lee Dae-ho (former Lotte) in his hometown of Busan.

After coming to the camp, he took more care of his body by weight training with Chae Eun-seong, who had newly joined the team.

Noh Si-hwan said, “The parts that I prepared in terms of hitting points and timing in order to hit a lot of home runs are very helpful, but as I play through the season, the most important thing is physical strength and consistency. So I pay more attention to body care. This is the most helpful. What I become is weight training. I do it once every two days with senior Eunseong, but these days it’s hot and my stamina is low, so I do it once every three days.”

In midsummer, it takes a lot of effort to maintain stamina. In order to prevent deterioration in physical strength, I sometimes take a break from practice before the game. According to Noh Si-hwan, he took a break from practice even on the day he hit 3 homers on the 9th.

Noh Si-hwan said, “I prepared a lot for home runs during the off-season, but there were not many home runs at the beginning of the season. Still, I continued with the thought of continuing to push forward without wavering. As a result, the pitcher’s ball got used to it and gradually home runs came out, and I felt proud. I felt it.” He smiled.

However, he has no desire to become a home run king. Noh Si-hwan was named in the Hangzhou Asian Games entry in September. He is called up to the national team and cannot play in league matches. It is because Choi Jeong can hit and rise while he is away.

He expressed his sincerity, “There is no Asian Games, and Choi Jung-sunbaenim is so good at driving, so I don’t pay attention.

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