‘No. 3 backup to Der Licht’ Munich DF says “it’s disappointing to concede a goal as a center back” during three-game winning streak

Bayern Munich’s (Germany) center back Dayo Upamecano (25) expressed regret over his failure to keep scoreless runs.

The German media “Sport Buzzer” reported an interview with Munich defender Upamecano on the 13th (Korea Standard Time). Upamecano expressed regret, saying, “It’s a pity that I couldn’t keep a scoreless run as a center back.”온라인카지노

Munich has won three consecutive games since the opening of the German Bundesliga. Werder Bremen, Augsburg, and Mönchengladbach are ranked second in the league.

However, he gave up two of them. He won 4-0 against Bremen in the opening game, but allowed one run each in the subsequent game. In the 2023 German Super Cup held before the league began, he lost 0-3 to Leipzig, giving up three goals.

Upamecano insisted that the team’s flow is good, but it should develop further in that it continues to give up runs. “The most important thing is that we didn’t lose points. So far we have been.”

“But there is a small flaw. I’m really sorry and hate the situation that I couldn’t keep a scoreless run as a center back,” he added.

Upamecano was initially ranked as the third-ranked center back after Matthias de Ligt (24) and Kim Min-jae (27). However, he started all games after the opening of the season and has been highly trusted by manager Thomas Tuchel. He also played well in the game, contributing to Munich’s third consecutive victory.

Regarding the competition with his center-back teammates, he said, “The summer break was a really good time for me and I’m in the best shape right now. I am ready and motivated to achieve our new goal. Of course, the competition for center back has become fiercer, but it is natural and natural for world-class clubs such as Bayern.”

After the A match break, Munich will play the fourth round of the Bundesliga against Leverkusen on the 16th. Leverkusen is currently at the top of the league with three consecutive wins and is showing explosive offense with as many as 11 goals. Attention is focusing on whether Upamecano can continue to play well and prevent Leverkusen’s powerful offense.

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