[NBA] ‘I don’t mind taking less money’ Gordon chooses to go to Phoenix

Local media ‘ESPN’ said on the 3rd (Korean time), “Eric Gordon has signed a contract with the Phoenix Suns. It is a 2-year veteran minimum contract of 6 million dollars, and the second year is a player option.”

It’s like a windfall from Phoenix’s point of view. Gordon had a $20 million team option next season. However, the LA Clippers, the original team, did not want to execute the option for the reason of reducing the luxury tax, and 메이저도메인 Gordon became a free agent. Gordon is certainly older than he was in his prime, but he’s still a competitive veteran.

Such Gordon was actually recruited by Phoenix at the minimum annual salary. The Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks are said to have offered Gordon a better amount than Phoenix’s offer. Phoenix is ​​like hitting the jackpot.

Gordon started last season with the Houston Rockets. Houston, which is in the process of rebuilding, had no intention of taking Gordon and looked at the trade. As a result, Gordon was traded to the Clippers at the trade deadline.

Both in Houston and in the Clippers, Gordon’s performance wasn’t bad. Gordon proved that he’s still a useful player last season, averaging 12.4 points, 2.7 rebounds and 37 percent shooting percentage. At Phoenix, Gordon is expected to fill the role of a sixth man coming off the bench.

Phoenix acquired Bradley Beal and built the Big 3. However, with the addition of Bill, the team’s roster depth collapsed. Recruitment was essential in this FA market to aim for the championship. Phoenix has strengthened its depth by recruiting a large number of great players such as Gordon, Josh Okogi, Drew Eubanks, Chimeji Metou, and Watanabe Yuta. 

Phoenix accidentally acquired a treasure. Gordon, who plays for the lowest salary, will be a big boost to Phoenix. 

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