Love calls from Vietnam following Hong Kong, interest in the K-League… What is Kim Shin-wook’s future?

Will ‘Goliath’ return to the K-League be successful?

Kim Shin-wook is a tall striker who commanded the K-League and played an active role as a representative player. Kim Shin-wook left the domestic stage in 2019 when he transferred to Sanghwai Seonhwa. Kim Shin-wook recently terminated his contract with Singapore Lion City and became a free agent (FA). He is in a situation where he can freely move teams without a transfer fee.

Currently, Kim Shin-wook is receiving attention from multiple clubs in Asia, including the K-League.

His best-known location is Kitchee SC in Hong Kong. It was confirmed that he had already undergone a medical test. In general, taking a medical test is interpreted as meaning that a contract has already been concluded. This case is different. In the case of Kitchi, it is famous as a team that goes through the process of checking the condition of the body first in order to put forward the terms of the contract. It is a method of determining the player’s salary after clearly confirming the injury or condition. It is known that veteran Dejan was also informed of the detailed terms of the contract, including the annual salary, after undergoing a medical test before signing the contract. The same goes for Kim Shin-wook. An official who knows Kim Shin-wook’s situation well said, “I haven’t received any conditions yet. He explained that it is a difficult stage to say whether or not he will join.” 토토사이트

Another team that wants Kim Shin-wook is in Vietnam, which is familiar due to the presence of manager Park Hang-seo. An official said, “I know that Vietnam has also offered a multi-year contract with decent conditions. Considering the player’s age, it’s an attractive proposition. A pretty active and specific proposal came out,” he explained. For Kim Shin-wook, who was born in 1988, a multi-year contract is attractive.

In the K-League, FC Seoul, Suwon Samsung, and Jeju United are showing interest in Kim Shin-wook. However, since they prioritize other strikers, detailed negotiations with Kim Shin-wook have not progressed.

An official said, “It is still difficult to predict the possibility of returning to the K-League. The reason why Kim Shin-wook is negotiating with clubs in other Asian countries is to prepare for the case when his return to the K-League is not successful. I think he still needs to watch more.”

It is difficult to see Kim Shin-wook’s ransom price on the market as high. Kim Shin-wook was the highest paid player in the K-League in 2018. At that time, he received an annual salary of about 1.6 billion won. As time passed and he was in his mid-30s, Kim Shin-wook’s annual salary fell to less than half of what it was at the time. For his return to the K-League, Kim Shin-wook has also significantly lowered his salary.

Kim Shin-wook scored 21 goals in 26 matches in the Singapore League last season. His league level is not high, and his physical condition may not be as good as in his prime, but he still has the skills to score 10 goals in one season in the K-League. This is the background that multiple Asian teams are interested in.

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