Lee Won-seok confesses, “(Oh) Jae-il, it’s not that I miss you”

Korean Baseball Organization infielder Lee Won-seok, 37, has some witty words for his close friend, Samsung infielder Oh Jae-il, 37.

The two played together for Doosan 토토사이트 from 2012 to 2016 and Samsung from 2021 to this year. On March 27, Lee Won-seok was traded to Kiwoom, and the nest changed.

Fast forward 24 days. Oh Jae-il brought up Lee Won-seok’s name during an interview with Suhoon after his two-run double against Doosan. “(Lee) Won-seok calls me almost every day. He always calls first. He’s very lonely,” he said.

I asked Lee Won-seok about his feelings before the game against KT on the 25th. He said, “I’m not lonely because I miss Jae-il. Please tell him, ‘I’m not calling you because I miss you,'” he laughed, adding, “I also talk to my brothers (Kang) Han-ul and (Kang) Min-ho at Samsung often.”

Most of his conversations with Oh Jae-il go like this. Lee Won-seok asks, “How was your day?” to which Oh Jae-il replies, “Did you do well?” Oh Jae-il asks again, “What about you?” and Lee Won-seok responds, “Do you think I did a good job?”

Lee Won-seok says, “My wife and child are in Daegu. I feel lonely being away from my family,” he says, adding, “I adapted perfectly at Kiwoom. The coaching staff, players, and club officials are all doing a great job, and I’m especially grateful to (Lee) Jung-hoo for always coming to me first and taking care of me.”

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