Lee Kang-in has the ability to buy out… The reason why the rumor of transfer to the ‘EPL Big 6’ is more welcome

Interest in golden boy Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca) seems to be getting hotter. It is known that one of the big six teams in the English Premier League is planning to sign him.

On the 27th (local time), Spain’s Marca reporter Juanmi Sanchez mentioned Lee Kang-in’s transfer situation through his SNS. He said, “Atletico Madrid (Spain) wants to recruit him, but Mallorca will not be negotiating a transfer until this summer. He also revealed that the top team is one of the EPL big six teams.

He did not mention exactly what kind of team the EPL Big 6 is. However, in general, Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham are listed as the EPL Big 6. In the case of Tottenham, South Korean striker Son Heung-min is playing. The two can breathe together.

If you look at the league rankings this season, Arsenal (1st), Man City (2nd), Newcastle (3rd), Manchester United (4th), Tottenham (5th), Brighton (6th), in order of performance. However, since reporter Sanchez drew the line that it was not Brighton, it can be seen that Newcastle was added. Newcastle is a club that has emerged as an emerging powerhouse. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince bin Salman became the owner and became one of the richest clubs in the world.

This is definitely positive news. Playing for a world-class club is a huge opportunity in terms of a player’s career. In addition to grades, you can gain experience by being able to play an active part on a wide stage such as the European Champions League. He also works with world-class players.

Another advantage is that he can touch the ball more due to the nature of Lee Kang-in’s position, which focuses on offense.

The most important point is that all the EPL big 6 teams have the financial power to recruit Lee Kang-in. Currently, Mallorca is struggling to catch Lee Kang-in somehow. In particular, he is blocking interest from teams who want to sign him by putting up a buyout clause. The buyout clause is a clause that allows transfer of a player without the consent of the affiliated team if the team that wants to recruit offers more than the standard amount.

Initially, Lee Kang-in’s buyout amount was known to be 17 million euros (approximately 23 billion won). However, Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre recently claimed that Kang-in Lee’s buyout would be 30 million euros (approximately 40 billion won). If Aguirre’s words are accurate, it is definitely an amount that can be burdensome. However, it seems that there will be no big problem due to the nature of big clubs that easily take out big money. 먹튀검증

Just looking at the players recruited by the Big 6 teams last summer, Manchester United’s Anthony (95 million euros, about 127.5 billion won), Chelsea Wesley Popana (80.4 million euros, about 108 billion won), Liverpool Darwin Nunes (75 million euros, about 100 billion won) Won), Newcastle Alexander Isaac (70 million euros, about 94 billion won), and Man City Elling Holland (60 million euros, about 80 billion won).

Tottenham also brought in Richarlison, Ivan Perisic, Yves Bisuma and Clement Lenglet through the transfer market last summer.

There are also teams in dire need of recruitment. Newcastle have struggled this season with a lack of midfield options and Chelsea with a line injury. Liverpool is also a team with many veteran players. A generational shift is needed. Tottenham has also been unable to find the right playmaker since Christian Eriksen (Man United) left. Lee Kang-in is the perfect position.

In addition, Lee Kang-in is a top-notch prospect with high growth potential. If he settles into the team well, he can become a key force for a long time. He is a good recruitment candidate with several factors that could attract the attention of the Big 6.

If these teams are confident in signing Lee Kang-in, it seems likely that they will pay enough for the buyout. If only the buyout amount is met, Mallorca has no way to stop the transfer. This is why the rumor of Lee Kang-in’s transfer to the EPL Big 6 is even more welcome.

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