‘Lee Kang-in gone, La Liga Kubo’s heyday is here!’…Salah replacement + Real Madrid return speculation, ‘heyday is here’

When Lee Kang-in left for Saint-Germain in Paris, France, Kubo Takefusa’s “Great Era” opened in Spain’s Primera Liga (Liga).

In La Liga without Lee Kang-in, Kubo is playing an unrivaled role as an Asian player. Last season, Lee Kang-in and Kubo competed fiercely.

Lee Kang-in was considered a top La Liga player with six goals and six assists in Majorca. It was an ace who raised Mallorca, a candidate for relegation, to ninth place in the league. Kubo played a big role in Real Sociedad’s fourth-place finish with nine goals and five assists.

Kubo went up a notch this season.

La Liga has now been played until the fourth round, and Kubo has been at the center of the blast. Kubo got off to a good start by scoring one goal against Girona (1-1 draw) in the first round. He was the hero of Real Sociedad’s first goal of the season. He then scored two goals in the fourth round against Granada (5-2).

Kubo was second in scoring after Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid), who scored five goals in four matches with three goals. He also raised one help. Real Sociedad is undefeated with one win and three draws.

Local media said, “Kubo has grown to the next level. Real Socieda is undefeated and Kubo played a big role. Kubo scored three goals and became the main character of the most goals scored in Japanese La Liga history. Kubo needs his colleagues well, and he himself uses a good position. Kubo is a versatile player,” he praised.바카라사이트

Then rumors of Kubo’s transfer have already begun to emerge. It’s a ‘surprising transfer rumor’.

The first transfer rumor is that Liverpool’s ace Mohamed Salah could be a substitute. Salaji was under heavy attack from Saudi Arabia’s Al-Etihad in the summer transfer market. However, he chose to stay at Liverpool in the end.

However, rumors of a transfer to Altihad are not over. Al-Etihad has expressed his willingness to continue to recruit Salah without giving up. Altihad has raised Salah’s transfer fee to 215 million pounds (360.3 billion won), the world’s highest transfer fee.

Although he refused in the transfer market last summer, when he could not find a replacement for Salah right away, Liverpool is widely expected not to give up this amount if he buys time and space to find a replacement for Salah.

In this situation, Kubo was named as a replacement candidate for Salah. The Athletic reported, “Liverpool is looking at Kubo as a replacement for Salah.”

The media then explained that along with Kubo, Real Madrid’s Vinicius and Napoli’s Hvicha Kbaratzhelia were listed as candidates for Salah’s replacement.

There were rumors of Kubo’s return to Real Madrid without ending up as a substitute for Salah. Kubo moved to Real Madrid in 2019, expected to be Japan’s best talent. However, it has not proved competitive here. He moved to Real Sociedad in 2022 without playing one game while on loan.

It is news that Real Madrid wants Kubo again, who has fully adapted to Real Sociedad and has improved his competitiveness.

Spain’s “Sport” recently said, “Real Madrid is considering recruiting Kubo again next year. “I’m starting to get interested in Kubo again because Rodrigo and Hoselu are not meeting expectations,” he reported.

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