Large Makeup Organizer Bag Travel Train Case Portable

If you’re taking your makeup collection on the go, a travel bag like this Calpak Clear Cosmetics Case is your best bet for storing and carrying everything. It’s one of those perfect sizes that’s small enough to fit into a carry-on bag but big enough to fit all your must-have products. The roomy mesh compartments include a secure zipper close so nothing unexpectedly spills out in transit. Put your makeup on display with this stackable Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case.

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Madewell’s sourced Multipurpose Pouch is made of polyester, 50 percent of which comes from recycled plastic. The pouch is pretty big, measuring more than 6 inches high and 8 inches long, so you’ll be able to fit beauty products big and small. To prevent your makeup from moving around while inside, you can put smaller items in the zip pocket on the exterior or the various open compartments found on the inside of the bag.

Full-grain leather is considered a durable, long-lasting leather that will age nicely over time, so this bag is sure to be one of the most durable you can find. The inside is lined with a sail cloth and has no compartments. While the interiors certainly boast a more elegant look, do know that sail cloth is not water-resistant. If something spills in your makeup bag, the interior will stain.

Fans of Longchamp’s Le Pliage shoulder bag, widely known as the ultimate work bag, will really like this adorable, pint-sized Le Pliage. Due to its size, this makeup bag is great for people who want to bring touch up tools with them to work or a long event, such as a wedding, but don’t want their items sitting loose at the bottom of their purse. Lady Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Tanno clearly knows a thing or two about makeup storage. Hence why she teamed up with iDesign to create the very practical Signature Series by Sarah Tanno Cosmetic Organizer. It’s made with makeup aficionados in mind and includes removable compartments for brushes, pencils, lipstick, palettes, plus room for just about everything else you’ll need to paint your face like a professional.

It would be compatible with any room or bathroom design.Versatile Cosmetic Storage BoxThis cosmetics storage holder is modern and simple. This product is great for someone who has a large makeup collection that absolutely needs sorting and organizing while traveling. The bottom of the case comes with six adjustable clapboard compartments that you can fill with items like palettes, lipsticks, nail polish, foundations, and more. Meanwhile, the top of the case is lined with four brush holders, which is convenient for separating brush types as well as storing longer, delicate items such as eye pencils. We took into account size, material, and compartments to come up with the best makeup bags.

The various height levels allow for complete storage while the design makes your space look elegant. If you’re like us and can never have too many lipsticks, then you’ll fall in love with this lipstick organizer. Place it on top of your dresser, upon your vanity or store it away in a cabinet. The Relavel Travel Makeup Case is waterproof and shockproof, the latter meaning that if you drop the case with your makeup inside, your makeup shouldn’t break. Because there is a plastic lining located in the bag, there may be a smell when you first open it, but it should go away quickly. Reminiscent of an old-school pegboard, the Poke a Dot Organizer comes with tile holes in the bottom and insertable dividers to suit your beauty-storing needs.

Keep in mind this bag does not come with compartments, so if you don’t like your items jumbled up together inside, you’ll want to choose another makeup bag. One downside to owning a makeup bag is that it can be hard to clean. The Kusshi Everyday Makeup Bag eliminates that inconvenience completely by being machine-washable. The convenience of this bag doesn’t stop there though—unlike other makeup bags, this bag folds out pretty wide, so you can clearly see everything you’ve stored and get to it right away.

This is yet another fabulous organization tower, but this time, it’s pretty and pink. Look forward to three large compartment, four small drawers and 16 product slots. It’s also about organizing the smallest parts of your life, such as your lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and gorgeous falsies.

Limited drawer space isn’t even an issue since these gorgeous designs were made to be displayed. Not only do they provide optimal storage for your foundations, eye shadow palettes, lip products, and makeup brushes, but they’re way more sanitary than throwing everything into a canvas bag and hoping nothing leaks. Next time you get that organizational itch, or feel overcome by a Marie Kondo-inspired need to tidy, turn to one of these storage solutions for your beloved beauty products. Need a makeup train case that won’t squash your perfumes or nail polish? Looking for a hanging cosmetic bag to store your makeup while traveling? Just want a cute little makeup organizer to stick inside your bag and not have to think about it again?

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