Kwon Hyuk-gyu, who delayed going to Europe, “It’s true that a good offer came, but…”

” ) received a ‘love call’ and seized the opportunity to advance to Europe. In particular, it seemed like a matter of time before he became a new European faction, as he cleared obstacles, such as resolving military issues from managing director of Gimcheon at an early age.

However, in the end, the transfer did not go through. Celtic made a concrete step, even offering a large transfer fee, but Kwon Hyuk-gyu chose to stay in Busan rather than advance to Europe. Fans couldn’t help but wonder when the result was different from what was expected. In fact, some fans reacted incomprehensible, saying that it was an unexpected choice for missing a golden opportunity to go to Europe at a young age.

Kwon Hyuk-gyu, however, had a deep meaning in this process. He said, “It is true that a good offer came. As a player, it is natural to want to challenge if an offer comes from Europe.” I wanted to stay,” he explained the background of not promoting the transfer.

He said, “I had to listen to the club’s position. When the club was in a difficult time, I went to the army, and I didn’t think there was much help after joining. So I chose to stay.”

Below is a Q&A from an interview with Kwon Hyuk-kyu

. How is your physical condition and physical condition?

I worked out a little before going to Thailand, and in Thailand I raised my stamina and physical condition to the highest level. After returning to Busan, he is concentrating on integrating into his team’s tactics.

He was appointed vice-captain even at a young age.

While he was a pro before, he had only focused on what he had to do, and he was busy doing what he had to do. But there are a lot of young players, and among the 22-year-olds, I’m the oldest. I think I need to play a good role as a bridge so that the younger players and the older brothers can communicate well.

New players such as Choi Geon-joo, Choi Ki-yoon, Choi Ji-mook, and Peshin joined.

Apparently, when new players come, they may be mixed or they may not fit well, but they are all good players, so there is no big problem in terms of breathing. I think we can become a better team if we follow the tactics the coach pursues.

Park Jong-woo stayed after dramatically renewing the contract.

When I said I was leaving, there were three defensive midfielders: me, (Kim) Sang-jun, and (Lee) Jeong-yoon. I needed a good mentor as it was still a period where I had to grow up, but it was fortunate that Jongwoo hyung came back. As the time to learn has increased, I will try to absorb my strengths while we are together. 온라인카지노

What do you think has improved in Gimcheon over the past year and a half?

The reason why I enlisted in the military early is that there are many national team players in Sangmu. There are many players to learn from in Busan, but there are many more to learn from Sangmu because there are many national team players. I decided to enlist early because it was said that I could grow just by training. I was worried that I might not be able to play at Sangmu, but I was given a lot of opportunities and was able to grow well and come back.

Who did you receive the most help from during your time in Gimcheon?

(Jeong) Seong-hyeon, who plays for Ulsan, received a lot of help from his older brother in terms of soccer. He played a lot with good midfielders in Japan, so he passed on a lot of things and know-how he had seen. In terms of daily routines or individual workouts, (Cho) Kyu-seong, who was his roommate, watched and learned a lot from his older brother. He is still trying to imitate.

I think I will be greedy for the Asian Games this year.

There is a strong perception that the Asian Games are actually going out to solve military problems, but my goal is to be selected for the national team, make my name known to the public, and appeal to many soccer officials. You may think that motivation may be low, but I have a clear sense of purpose. Motivation never drops compared to other players. If selected, he will show his earnestness no less than other players.

Last year, there was a European offer such as Celtic, but the transfer was canceled.

It is true that good offers have come. As a player, if an offer comes, it is natural for him to want to take on the challenge. However, the contract period with Busan remained, and the club’s position was also important. The club wanted me to stay because I needed another year. I couldn’t go there on my own. I also had to listen to the club’s position. I went to the army when the club was having a hard time, and I chose to stay because there was not much help. (Advancing to Europe) was canceled, but if Busan goes up to the first division or leaves a good result, I wonder if there will be a better opportunity.

It seems that the football coach Park Jin-seop pursues is settling down in Busan.

There was a style that the coach pursued after taking office, but in fact, I didn’t know it well because I joined in the middle after being discharged. Since this year, I have been preparing while learning the tactical part, but it feels like 80% of it is being completed. The remaining 20% ​​will prepare well until the opening match.

Last season, Busan had a lot of twists and turns.

I think Busan is a big club in the K-League, just like Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai. Busan, which I grew up watching since I was young, was always strong. In that respect, it is embarrassing to go through the bottom last year. The fans will be very disappointed if the results are not good this year, so the first goal is of course to be promoted, and we will make sure that the fans and the game can be enjoyed with good performance.

What do you want to say to your fans?

Every time you watched the game last year or the year before last, you must have been very frustrated and disappointed. Nevertheless, thank you for supporting us until the end. This year, I will achieve my goal of promotion by preparing well so that the fans can only laugh.

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