Kim Young-kwon, who visited Jeonju Technical High School for ‘Golden Homecoming’… “The most important thing is character”

“The most important thing to become a soccer player is personality.”

Kim Young-gwon (Ulsan Hyundai), the main player in the 2022 Qatar World Cup 16 lecture, visited his alma mater, Jeonbuk Jeonju Technical High School, and had time to communicate with his juniors.

At 11 am on the 6th, the auditorium of Jeonju Technical High School was filled with about 400 students. He was waiting for Kim Young-kwon, who was the main player and senior in the round of 16 of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. When Kim Young-gwon entered the auditorium, the students gave thunderous cheers and applause.메이저사이트

At this event, Kim Young-gwon talked about his life as a major soccer player from graduating from Jeonju Technical High School to his professional debut and participation in the World Cup, and asked his juniors not to forget his hopes and efforts.

Standing on the podium, Kim Young-kwon said, “It was my promise to never forget hope and effort, and I keep it in my heart every single moment.” I did everything I could. If you go forward with your own goals, you will be able to improve one step at a time.”

Kim Young-kwon cited the nagging and scolding of Jeonju Technical High School soccer team coach Kang Won-gil as one of the reasons he was able to succeed as a soccer player.

He said, “When I was in high school, I blamed myself for ‘why am I only in the candidates’ and ‘why am I not selected’, but each time the coach nagged me and scolded me, so I hated it.”

On this day, Kim Young-kwon had time to communicate with his juniors and emphasized personality when asked, “What are the qualities of a good soccer player?”

He said, “The qualities of a soccer player include hard work and innate talent, but as a result of playing soccer, the most important thing is ‘personality’.” , I will become a good player if I have the personality to think of my teammates once more.”

Later, at the soccer club’s dorm, Kim Young-kwon remembered his high school days and gave generous advice to his juniors. Faced with coach Kang Won-gil, Kim Young-kwon also showed overflowing affection between his teachers and teachers, such as touching Coach Kang’s stomach.

Coach Kang said, “Whenever we play at the World Cup or A matches, I always watch with anxiety in case Young-Kwon’s bad habits come out when he was in high school.” I want to say that Young Kwon is really proud and I love him.”

On the other hand, Kim Young-kwon started his career as a professional player by joining Japan’s J-League FC Tokyo in 2010 after going through Jeonju Technical High School and Jeonju University. Afterwards, he passed through Guangzhou Evergrande in the Chinese Super League and Gamba Osaka in the J-League, before moving to Ulsan Hyundai in the K-League in 2021, leading the league championship in 17 years.

As a member of the national team, he joined the Century Club (played in more than 100 A matches) and made his name in Korean soccer history.