Kim overcomes weaknesses to hit ‘body ball+155km fastball’, ML’s first grand slam is even more special because of this

bracket relative. Ilchwiwoljang…. It is not enough to attach all the old sayings that develop day by day. Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres),온라인카지노 in his 3rd year in the major leagues, overcame his weaknesses and hit the peak by hitting his first grand slam (slam home run) in the big leagues.

Ha-seong Kim started as the first batter and second baseman in the 2023 Major League (ML) home game against the Miami Marlins held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 22nd (Korean time), 4 at-bats, 2 hits (1 home run), 4 RBIs Scored 2 runs and struck out 1. As a result, the season batting average rose from 0.278 to 0.280, and the OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) also rose from 0.808 to 0.819.

Even watching the second episode, I could fully feel why Kim Ha-seong is loved by San Diego fans this year. Ha-seong Kim’s helmet came off again from the start. Kim Ha-seong, who came out as the lead batter in the first inning, pushed a 96.5 mph (approximately 155.3 km) fastball from Miami starter Ryan Weathers on the 4th pitch and connected it with a double toward the right wall. Ha-seong Kim sprinted so that his helmet came off as he passed the first base, and reached the second base, showing his signature celebration by turning both hands happily.

This time it was the turn of quick feet. Subsequently, Fernando Tatis Jr. picked a walk and went on base, and Kim Ha-sung and Tatis Jr. gradually started the game. The moment Juan Soto at bat struck out on a swing, the two started at the same time. Ha-seong Kim, who already holds the record for the most stolen bases in a single season in the Korean major leagues, also left his first 30 stolen bases with only two. During Manny Machado’s left fielder’s sacrifice fly, Kim Ha-seong stepped on the home base and took the lead.

The highlight of the day was the second at-bat. In the second inning, in front of Ha-seong Kim, Lewis Campusano, Garrett Cooper, and Trent Grisham walked on base in turn, and the table was set with the bases loaded with one out. Weathers stabbed a 97.2 mph (approximately 156.4 km) fastball and 89.1 mile (approximately 143.3 km) changeup up and down, resulting in an advantageous ball count of 2 strikes and 0 balls.

However, there was no shaking in Kim Ha-sung’s expression. Weathers threw a 96.6 mph (approximately 155.5 km) fastball into his body on the third pitch, and Ha-seong Kim swung the bat without hesitation and passed the ball over the wall to his left. It was the 17th gun of the season with a batting speed of 95 miles per hour (about 152.9 km) and a flight distance of 359 feet (about 109 m), and it was Kim Ha-sung’s first grand slam in his big league debut, giving San Diego a 5-0 lead. With this, he became the fifth Korean major leaguer to hit a home run in the big leagues, following Hee-seop Choi (1), Shin-soo Choo (4), Jung-ho Kang (2), and Ji-man Choi (2). It was also his 300th hit.

This grand slam was even more special because it was the result of Kim Ha-sung overcoming the ball that was pointed out as his weakness. According to Baseball Savant, an American baseball statistics site, Ha-seong Kim was weak with a batting average of 0.244 on inside balls until this game. In addition, although his ability to cope with fastballs has improved this season, he has recently been weak again, and his batting average against balls over 95 miles per hour has fallen to 0.230. However, he emerged as the main character of Petco Park as he produced a high-speed ball coming into his body in the most unfavorable situation for the hitter with ‘2 strike 0 ball’ as a result of a home run.

The San Diego club said on its official SNS, “OUR KOREAN KING”, “Ha-seong Kim (a compound word of Ha-seong KIM and GrandSlam meaning grand slam).”, “S in HSK is slam (Grand Slam). )”, etc.

After Kim Ha-seong’s cap, the game completely leaned toward San Diego. As San Diego won 6-2, starter Michael Waka achieved 10 wins (2 losses) of the season with 5 hits, 2 walks, 7 strikeouts and 1 run in 5⅓ innings. San Diego, which broke its two-game losing streak, was 60-66, 4th in the National League West, and 5.5 games behind the San Francisco Giants, 3rd in the playoffs.

It was a grand slam that energized San Diego., the official homepage of Major League Baseball, said, “San Diego’s performance this week was important after losing both doubleheaders to the Arizona Diamondbacks in what was called ‘The Long Miserable Day’. Their fading playoff hopes actually depended on this week’s performance. When San Diego needed a spark, Ha-seong Kim often delivered that moment.”

The praises from the San Diego local media and the command tower also followed. San Diego coach Bob Melvin praised him as “a player who brings a lot of energy.”

Reporter Jeff Sanders of the San Diego Union-Tribune said on his SNS that “Ha-seong Kim is the first player to record a home run, double and steal in San Diego” and praised him, saying, “Ha-seong Kim is growing into a legend.”

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