Kim Ha-seong, who is getting farther away, to ATL? Attached to SS, a legendary defensive coach and prospect

The Atlanta Braves are solidifying their policy to fill the vacant shortstop spot with internal resources after Dansby Swanson left.

Swanson, who played shortstop for Atlanta for the past six years, signed a seven-year, $177 million free agent contract and moved to the Chicago Cubs. For this reason, the argument that Atlanta should bring Kim Ha-seong, who is evaluated as ‘surplus power’ from the San Diego Padres, has been constantly raised through the local media. 카지노

However, Atlanta is expected to select its starting shortstop with a competitive system between prospect infielder Von Grissom and veteran infielder Orlando Arcia.

In particular, third base coach Ron Washington, who is known as the greatest expert ever in infield defense guidance, is in an atmosphere of support for Grissom, drawing attention.

Coach Washington had an interview with at Camp Northport, Florida on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time) and said, “I don’t think Grissom can sew a shortstop. I know he can.” “I’ve got to do it. I’m not going to give him unlimited opportunities. I’m going to make him ready to compete. He’s ready.”

It means that he is putting his heart and soul into Grissom’s defensive guidance. It is said that the Washington coach asked the club to give Grisom one-on-one lessons this winter. said, ‘Grissom visited New Orleans three times to get a chance at shortstop and was coached by Washington coach. Washington is said to be the greatest infield defensive leader in history.

Coach Washington said, “I told the club that I would teach Grisom. When I heard that I would not leave the dance fee, I wanted to find out all the ways.” I told them to believe in me and watch me,” he explained. She showed her confidence that she could develop Grissom as a starting shortstop.

Grissom made her major league debut on August 11 last year. Promoted straight from Single A+ to Double A to the big leagues, he played in just 41 games, but stood out at bat. In his debut against the Boston Red Sox, he impressed fans by going 2-for-4 with 2 RBI, including a home run.

He had a .291 batting average (41-for-141), 5 homers, 18 RBIs, 24 runs scored, 5 stolen bases, and a .792 OPS in the regular season, and also played 3 games in the postseason. Thanks to Grissom’s power on offense and defense, Atlanta won the NL East title for the fifth year in a row.

After being promoted to the major leagues, he mainly played as a second baseman, but in the minor leagues, his main position was a shortstop. said, ‘Grissom mostly played shortstop in the minor leagues. However, scouts are questioning whether he has big-league-level defensive skills.’ “That’s because I haven’t seen Grissom in training this winter, and I have no idea how consistently he’s fueled the positives about shortstop’s defensive skills.”

Coach Washington said, “Grissom is growing steadily. He’s not perfect yet, but he can challenge for the shortstop position right now. In my opinion, he has enough ability to occupy the position.”

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