‘Kang Sang-jae, working with Albano’ DB, won after a close battle with KT… 2 consecutive wins

In the 2022-23 SKT A. Pro Basketball held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 23rd, Wonju DB won 80-76 after a close match against Suwon KT, where Ha Yoon-gi struggled, thanks to the even performances of Kang Sang-jae and Lee Seon Albano.

As a result of the day, DB maintained 8th place with 2 consecutive wins and 14 wins and 20 losses, while KT suffered 2 consecutive losses and 19th loss (14 wins), but maintained 7th place.

1st Quarter, DB 17-12 KT: Transition game, high defensive perfection ‘DB’

DB started with Park Chan-hee, Lee Seon Albano, Choi Seung-wook, Kang Sang-jae, and Leonard Freeman, and KT started with Choi Seong-mo, Han Hee-won, Yang Hong-seok, Ha Yun-ki, and Jarod Jones. was named in the starting lineup.

DB took a 6-2 lead with organic movement and under-the-goal attacks. KT could not solve the DB man to man and only scored 2 points in 2 minutes. After that, the game went into a lull for a while, and as the 4th minute approached, DB took a 10-4 lead with Kang Sang-jae’s under-the-goal shot. KT, frustrated by the attack, took the operation time.

DB added 2 points by breaking Choi Seung-wook, and KT tried to change the atmosphere through a change in player appointment. With about 4 minutes left, KT seemed to change the flow with Ha Yoon-gi’s fast dunk. DB immediately responded with Kim Hyeon-ho’s 3 store and did not miss the upward trend.

KT caught up again. Ha Yoon-gi added 6 points at once with a free throw, layup and jumper. DB had Jeong Ho-young breakthrough. KT narrowed it down to 12-17. With about a minute left before the end, DB took the operation time. Ha Yoon-gi had to organize his defense.

There were no extra points. DB was ahead by 5 points. 토토사이트

2nd quarter, DB 40-32 KT: Pursuit and response, power of triple post

DB ran away 22-14 with Hernandez’s consecutive scores. It was a minute when the power of the triple post leading to Kang Sang-jae, Kim Jong-gyu and Hernandez shone. After that, Hernandez’s fast break scored. It was DB that led by 10 points. KT took the operation time. I had to sort out the thirteen of heights.

DB ran one step further with Hernandez scoring, and KT seldom made an additional point. After 3 minutes, KT, who added points after a long time with Kang Sang-jae’s own goal, was able to narrow the gap to 18-26, 8 points with Choi Seong-mo’s free throws.

KT added points with Ha Yoon-ki’s turnaround layup, and DB responded with Freeman’s bottom-of-the-box shot after a long time.

Entering the final game, KT reduced the score to 28-33, 5 points, with Choi Seong-mo and Jones’ 3 points in a row. DB’s scoring slowed down with the slowing of the attack flow, reducing the lead width.

DB ran away again. Hernandez and Albano took the lead. It was a DB that took a 40-30, 10-point lead. KT added a goal with Choi Seong-mo’s footback just before the end. I had to be satisfied with the 8-gradual approach.

3rd Quarter, DB 69-55 KT: 3-point shot parade, leading ‘Firepower’

KT quickly chased 41-43 to the bottom of the chin with Jones and Choi Seong-mo’s 3-point shot and Ha Yoon-ki’s bottom-of-the-box shot. DB ran right away. After responding with Kim Jong-gyu’s jumper, Kim Hyun-ho made a 47-42, 5-point lead through a layup.

Going into the middle, both teams continued to trade points. Scores were produced through organic movement and concentration, and when the 4th minute was approaching, DB added a goal through Kang Sang-jae’s fast break, leading 53-45, 8 points. KT took the operation time. I ordered a strong concentration on defense concentration.

After that, the game went into a lull for a while, and one goal was exchanged for two minutes. Afterwards, the game was exchanged again, and Kang Sang-jae’s 3-pointer with 3 minutes left, DB led 59-48, 11 points. In succession, Albano completed a cool layup. It was the moment when the flow leaned a little toward DB. KT immediately took the operation time. It was a necessary moment.

Even after that, DB did not miss a 10+ point lead. Choi Seong-mo allowed a quick break from inside the 1 minute of the end, but Choi Seung-wook 3 points and a jumper later took a 14-point lead.

4th quarter, DB 80-76 KT: The power of free throws, DB KT, reporting the first win in 2023,

narrowed it down to 62-69, 7 points with a strong man-to-man added to Prosper’s 7 points in a row. DB allowed the chase with a moment of lack of concentration in the air defense.

Afterwards, the two teams exchanged one goal at a time, and DB continued to lead by 5-7 points. DB couldn’t run away, and KT crossed the middle without being able to chase.

With about 3 minutes left in the end, KT made a change to Jones, and Ildefonso added a score with a quick attack. KT narrowed it down to 70-74, 4 points. DB took the operation time. I had to organize my attacks and raise my concentration.

With two minutes left, Albano made all his free throws. It was a DB that took a breath. Leading by 6 points, KT took the operation time and tidied up the attack.

KT and DB attacks failed one after another, and Ha Yoon-gi succeeded in a quick attack within the first minute of the end. The score gap was reduced to 4 points again. DB took the operation time. Albano got a free throw to the KT press and made it. The score was 6 points, in fact, the score was the difference between the game and the game.

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