‘Jumping 3 steps’ Korea ranked 25th in FIFA rankings… ‘Germany-Spain broke’ Japan ranked 1st in Asia

The Korean national soccer team is expected to jump up three places in the FIFA rankings. 

‘Sky Sports’ and ‘ESPN’ global media predicted in advance the FIFA rankings that will be reflected after the World Cup in Qatar on the 20th 메이저사이트 (Korean time). In this ranking, Korea, which was ranked 28th when it was announced in October of last month, moved up three places to 25th. It ranks third among Asian countries. Although they lost to Ghana in the group stage, they drew with Uruguay and beat Portugal to advance to the round of 16. The official ranking will be announced on the 22nd.

The highest ranking in Asia was taken by Japan, which ranked 20th. Amid the turmoil of defeating Germany and Spain in the group stage, Japan jumped up four steps to the round of 16. Iran, which previously held the top spot in Asia, fell from 20th to 24th. Iran beat Wales, but lost to England and the United States, and the round of 16 was frustrated. 

Australia jumped 11 places to 27th, moving up to 4th in Asia. Australia beat Tunisia and Denmark to advance to the round of 16. Saudi Arabia jumped three spots to 48th. Although they were eliminated in the group stage, they caused a stir by beating champions Argentina. Host country Qatar, which was eliminated with three losses, fell 10 places to 60th.

Meanwhile, Brazil maintained first place, and Argentina, which won its third World Cup title with Lionel Messi at the forefront, jumped to second place. Runners-up France rose from 4th to 2nd, while Belgium, who lost in the group stage, fell from 2nd to 4th. 

England retained their fifth spot, while the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain entered the top 10 in turn. Morocco, who reached the semifinals, jumped 11 steps to 11th place. Switzerland was ranked 12th, followed by the United States, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Denmark and Senegal from 13th to 19th.