‘Jeonbuk No. 1 Recruitment’ Kim Gun-woong, “I will learn from director Kim Sang-sik and grow one step further”

“I want to learn from director Kim Sang-shik and grow to a new level”.

The first player Jeonbuk Hyundai recruited ahead of this season is Kim Geon-woong. In the meantime, Jeonbuk tried to recruit Kim Geon-woong to strengthen the midfield. There were failures, but fierce recruitment was carried out. Kim Gun-woong is also well aware of that part and is working harder.

Kim Geon-woong, who is participating in the Jeonbuk off-season training in Marbella, Spain, said, “After coming to Jeonbuk, I understand why it is a prestigious team. He revealed that not only the ability of the players, but also the environment in which they can exercise, including the accommodation, is really good.” 토토사이트

He continued, “I am training in my original position in midfield. Since we play in the same spot as the coach when he was a player, he is making various orders. The most important thing is to tell me not to be pushed back in the midfield fight. He always says that even if you send the ball, you shouldn’t miss the person.”

After graduating from Ulsan Hyundai High School in 2016, Kim Gun-woong joined Ulsan Hyundai and made his professional debut. Over the past seven seasons, he played 145 games in the K-League through Ulsan, Jeonnam and Suwon FC.

Kim Geon-woong, who has a tall and stocky physique, is a player with a sense of stability and excellent ball distribution. He especially possessed steel stamina that he played full-time for most of his season.

Kim Geon-woong said, “I am focusing on the part that bumps into during training. I am not worried about anything else. There are seniors who learned from the director and went up a notch. I really want to be like that,” he said.

Several clubs showed interest in the 185cm tall Kim Gun-woong during the winter transfer market. However, he eventually headed to Jeonbuk. The players did not hide their satisfaction. He especially thought learning a lot was the most important thing.

Kim Kun-woong has no problem adapting to Jeonbuk. He received special military service benefits as a member of the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games gold medal. The players who were together at the time also exist in Jeonbuk. Jung Tae-wook, who joined Kim Moon-hwan this time, is the main character. Kim Gun-woong said, “I have a lot of friends born in 1997. He is really helpful with Kyu-Sung Cho, Dong-Jun Lee, and Seung-Ho Baek. The seniors also treat me warmly, so if I do well, there will be no difficulties.”

In particular, his friends of the same age are making a plus with each other. In addition to formal training, there is also competition when doing weight training. He said, “I’m tall, but I’m not big. So, if you do weight training together, you become more competitive. I think that part also becomes an opportunity for personal development.”

On the other hand, Kim Gun-woong said, “His goal was clear while playing as a professional player. He will be in the best 11 at the end of the season. If we achieve that goal this year, the team will surely win. He just needs to come on a good team and outperform his competitors,

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