Japanese media, terrifying prediction “If Australia catches Korea, it may gain momentum”

The Japanese media predicted the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Group B market. He also expressed a slightly provocative view that if Australia catches Korea in the first match, unknown developments are expected.

Data Stadium Co., Ltd., a Japanese sports data company, analyzed the strength of Korea, Japan, Australia, China, and the Czech Republic on the 28th through the Japanese portal site Yahoo Japan, saying, “WBC Group B prospect, three countries will challenge Korea and Japan in the second round.” did.

The ambush pointed out by Data Stadium was Australia.

The media said, ‘In Australia, domestic leagues are held from November to January. Athletes playing in their home country compete in a state where they are in good condition. This is a huge advantage. There are many players who experienced the evaluation match against Japan last fall. It is an opponent that can not be vigilant,” he highly praised.

Regarding Korea, ‘We competed fiercely with Japan, but were eliminated in the first round twice in a row. Aiming for revenge in this tournament. Three major league fielders participate. The 2-Yugan guarded by Kim Ha-seong and Tommy Edman will be the best iron wall combination in this tournament.”

However, while the pitching team boasts solid power, the pitching staff is composed of domestic players. I have a bit of anxiety. The performance of veteran pitchers is the key.”

The matchups to note were the Korea-Japan match and the Korea-Australia match. 메이저사이트

Data Stadium said, “The Group B match held at the Tokyo Dome is a two-way structure between Japan and Korea. Three countries challenge here. There is no doubt that the biggest spectacle is the Korea-Japan match, where the best members compete against each other. Both Japan and Korea will be confident in passing the first round, but they must also fight the pressure that they will never lose.”

It predicted the possibility of an unexpected change in Australia.

The media said, ‘Australia can gain great momentum if they win the match against Korea, the first match of the finals. This match can be said to be a match that will determine the direction of Group B. On the other hand, he expressed his curiosity, saying, ‘Can the Czech Republic really show a European presence like Italy or the Netherlands in the past?’

In fact, there have been cases in which Korea has been knocked out by Israel or the Netherlands in previous competitions. Australia is an opponent that Korea must win and start with.

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