‘Jamsil Dome… But 6 Years of Wandering’ Hope for Seoul City “Seoul is a special city…”Please think of fans before players.”

After hearing about a state-of-the-art dome stadium in Jamsil, Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop has asked Seoul to build a fan-friendly ballpark.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon unveiled a plan to build a world-class “sports and MICE complex” in Jamsil, including a 30,000-seat dome ballpark, on July 17. According to the city, the new Jamsil dome is expected to begin construction after the 2025 season ends. The plan is to dismantle the currently used Jamsil Stadium and begin construction sequentially, with completion expected by the end of 2031. The cost is expected to be around 500 billion won, and the preferred bidder, Seoul Smart Myspace Park (tentative name – Hanwha), will be in charge of the project.스포츠토토

The problem is that Doosan and LG, which use Jamsil Stadium as their home, will have to find temporary housing during the six years the dome is being built. The KBO, Doosan, and LG are all in a quandary because the plan to build the dome was announced without a viable alternative. The most realistic option would be to renovate the Jamsil Ju Stadium next to the ballpark, but the Seoul Metropolitan Government has expressed reluctance due to safety concerns, and Mokdong Stadium, which has been used as an amateur stadium since the Heroes left, is not suitable for professional games.

Upon hearing the news of the Jamsil Dome, Lee Seung-yeop asked the Seoul Metropolitan Government to build a fan-centered baseball stadium without the controversy. “I checked several articles, but the most important thing is the fans. We are in the position of playing baseball, but those who come to watch should be comfortable. They should be able to put everything aside and watch in a good environment. Nowadays, the spectator culture has matured and developed a lot, so we can’t help but consider the fans.”

“Seoul, in particular, is a special city. A lot of away fans come here, so we can’t just think about our Doosan fans. I think it would be nice for them to play baseball in a comfortable situation and in a place that is easy to watch, so I hope they will put aside the players and think more about that.”

Meanwhile, Doosan’s starting lineup against NC ace Eric Peddy is Jung Soo-bin (center field), Kim Jae-ho (shortstop), Yang Seok-hwan (designated hitter), Yang Ji (catcher), Jose Rojas (left field), Kang Seung-ho (first base), Park Jun-young (third base), Park Kye-beom (second base), and Cho Su-hyung (right field). The starting pitcher was Jang Won-jun.

Doosan registered pitcher Choi Won-jun and outfielder Kim Dae-hyun, who recovered from blister injuries, and canceled pitcher Kwak Bin and outfielder Kim Tae-geun, who completed their final mock exams for the Asian Games.

Lee said, “Kim Tae-geun bumped into the fence while fielding in Gwangju and suffered a knee contusion. It’s not a big injury, but it’s swollen and needs to be stabilized this week,” Lee said.

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