“James’ all-time top scorer” average ticket price rose by 390%

‘ㅇㅅㅅㅅ’ (also Rupshin) LeBron James (39, LA Lakers) is expected to achieve the most points in NBA history, and ticket prices are skyrocketing.

According to the foreign press on the 7th, the average ticket price for the Oklahoma City Thunders and LA Lakers game held at the Facom Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA on the 8th was 1,152 dollars (1,445,500 won). This is 390.2% higher than the average ticket price for Oklahoma City home games, $235 (294,900 won). Some foreign media reported that the ticket price for the game against Oklahoma reached a maximum of $92,000 (115.46 million won). 토토사이트

After this game, the Lakers will face the Milwaukee Bucks at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Ticket prices here also rose from an average of $474 (594,900 won) to $1,302 (1,634,300 won), a 175% increase.

James is expected to set the record for the most points scored on the 8th at the earliest and the 10th at the latest. James, who is averaging 30.0 points per game this season, is just 36 points short of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s NBA all-time scoring record. In his 19th year in the NBA, James has scored 38,352 points in 1,409 games in his career. If he scores 38 points from now on, Abdul-Jabbar will break the record for the top scorer in his career, which he has held for 38 years and 10 months.

James’s explosive power is somewhat subdued compared to January. James seemed to be speeding up the record by scoring more than 35 points in 7 of the 13 games he played in January, but he is averaging 28.4 points in the last 5 games. If James is absent or sluggish, the achievement of the great record will be delayed.

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