“It was a risky change…” I found an answer after the ordeal, KBO’s powerful force ‘Choi Jung Chaser’

The risk-taking change worked. Noh Si-hwan (23, Hanwha), who set a personal record of 18 home runs and ties even before the end of the first half, is turning the KBO League upside down.

Noh Si-hwan exploded a powerful two-run home run against Lotte in Daejeon on the 5th. Lotte starter Na Kyun-an’s second pitch in the fifth inning with two outs and a runner on first, tied 1-1. He hit a 146km fastball with a lightning swing, and the ball quickly crossed the deepest central fence at Hanwha Life Eagles Park with a low trajectory. The ball flew like a bullet, measuring 173 kilometers per hour. The distance is 125 meters.

With a powerful torso rotation reminiscent of Park Byung-ho (KT), he made a full swing with his upper body tilted. At the moment of impact, I didn’t know it would be a home run, but the ball went farther than I thought. He seemed quite surprised himself. After the game, Noh Si-hwan said, “I didn’t know it would go over at all. When I hit a home run, I have a taste of hands, but the ballistics were low, and I rarely remember going over the center in Daejeon. The Daejeon Center is very far away. I thought it was about being caught in the center or going over the center fielder’s height, but it went over (the fence). I was surprised, too,” he said.

Hanwha Life Eagles Park, which is 122 meters away from home to the fence and 4 meters high, is a stadium where it is difficult to hit a home run at the center. Noh Si-hwan hit a mid-month home run in Daejeon for the fourth time after the match against Doosan (130m against Yoo Hee-kwan), the match against LG (125m against Kim Dae-hyun) on April 24, 2021, and the match against SSG (125m against Ivan Nova) on April 23 last year.

Noh Si-hwan, whose home run is the 18th of the season, closely followed Choi Jung (SSG, 19) who is the No. 1 player in this category, in second 메이저사이트 주소 place by one. Noh Si-hwan, who has a batting average of .315 (93 hits in 295 at-bats), 18 home runs, 54 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of .394 with a .556 OPS.950 in all 74 games this year, is ranked second after Choi Jung in RBI, slugging percentage, and OPS. It’s Choi Jung’s chaser.

Noh Si-hwan, whose 18 home runs in 107 games and 458 at-bats in 2021 were the most in a single season, hit 18 home runs in 335 at-bats in 74 games this year. Arithmetic 35 home run pace. Following Kim Tae-kyun (31) in 2008, expectations are rising for Hanwha’s home run king for the first time in 15 years. Noh Si-hwan said, “Of course, I want to be the home run king.” “It’s a dream,” he said, adding, “When I’m conscious of that, it always doesn’t work out. “I think if you do it without being conscious of what you’ve been doing so far, you’ll get a good title,” he said with an exemplary answer.

Noh Si-hwan, who has been drawing attention as a big shot prospect since joining Hanwha as the second overall player in the second round of the first round in 2019, suddenly fell into a “home run slump” last year. His batting average rose to .281, but his home run was cut off after his sixth home run of the season against Suwon KT on August 6 last year. In the last 46 games of the season, 203 at-bats and no home runs were silent. Originally, he was a batter with a lot of home runs, but only one home run was pulled last year.

A senior player said, “If Sihwan doesn’t do well, we don’t get points. Young as he is, he knows it. He said, “I can’t make a home run because I can’t swing and focus on hitting an RBI or getting on base.” As I focused on accuracy rather than big things, the hitting point gradually went backwards, and as I got used to it, it was difficult to turn it back during the season. The team’s barren environment, which had no choice but to be intensively checked, seemed to block Roh Si-hwan’s growth.

I went through an ordeal, but I found an answer in it. Noh Si-hwan said, “Since the hitting point is behind, the breaking ball hit the front and had to go over it. “As I watched the ball to the end, the timing was even later,” he said accurately, and started training to advance the hitting point from winter. He changed his posture from the preparation position he had on his shoulder. Take the bat off the shoulder and hold it as it is and enter the power position. The heating point was placed in front of him as he changed to a form that allowed his swing to come out as quickly as possible.

From March to April, he started with two home runs, but kept it steady. He caught fire with seven home runs in May, and continued his momentum with six home runs in June. With three home runs in three games in July, home runs have not stopped even in summer. Of the 18 home runs, 12 were pulled to the left wall (6) and the left middle wall (6). In 2021, out of 18 home runs, there were many home runs pushed by left-handed (4) and left-handed middle-handed (3), but this year, the number of home runs pulled has increased significantly. The effect of pulling the heating point appears as it is.

Noh Si-hwan said, “It’s big that I changed the hitting point.” I took a risk and made extreme changes to hit a home run, but I’m satisfied that it’s going well so far. “I’m preparing every day with the idea of not being late only for the hitting point,” he said adding, “18 were my personal most home runs, but it’s good to do it before the end of the first half.” The weather has gotten hotter these days, and I will take good care of my physical strength so that I can continue the good flow until the end of the season so that I can play in all games.”

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