“I saw the highlights in the morning too” Min-jae Kim, the soccer player’s soccer player, Lee Han-beom’s eyes

FC Seoul held the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at the HJ Convention Center in Gangdong-gu, Seoul at 10 am on the 22nd. Lee Han-beom, Im Sang-hyeop, Han Chan-hee, Kim Kyung-min, and Kim Jin-ya attended the player interview, and among them, Lee Han-beom had a conversation.

While asking questions about preparation for the season and listening to the answers, Lee Han-beom said, “I couldn’t show a fighter-like temperament last year, but I think my style has changed a bit because I became active through this winter training.” . 바카라

Hearing Lee Han-bum’s words, I thought of Kim Min-jae, who has been doing well in Italy recently. Actively defending against opponents is Kim Min-jae’s specialty. I brought up a story about Kim Min-jae to Lee Han-beom.

When the name ‘Kim Min-jae’ came up, Lee Han-beom’s eyes twinkled. Lee Han-beom said, “Even if I can’t do like Kim Min-jae, I try to be similar. I watch a lot of videos. I woke up this morning and watched the Napoli match as a highlight. I learned a lot,” he said. “I tried to try a lot of defenses and intercepts that I predicted in advance while watching a lot of Kim Min-jae’s videos.”

Then, when asked if there was a video of a defender he was looking for other than Kim Min-jae, Lee Han-bum said, “No. I used to look for Virgil Van Dyke (Liverpool) videos, but these days, I only watch Kim Min-jae’s video.”

A soccer player’s soccer player. Just as many players search for Son Heung-min’s videos, Lee Han-beom was also seeing Kim Min-jae’s performance through video. If Son Heung-min is the striker’s soccer player, Kim Min-jae is the defender’s soccer player. To the promising centre-back Lee Han-bum, Kim Min-jae was a superstar and role model.

Unfortunately, Lee Han-beom had never actually seen Kim Min-jae. When asked if the most ideal meeting would be at the national team, Lee Han-beom answered “yes” with a light smile.

Then, when asked how he would feel if he saw Kim Min-jae in real life, Lee Han-beom said, “I haven’t said anything yet, but when I first met (Ki) Sung-yong, it seemed like I was seeing a celebrity for about three months. Seeing (Kim Min-jae) in real life I think Seong-yong will shine more than hyung,” he said, looking forward to meeting Kim Min-jae.

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