“I don’t think I will lose!” Veterans holding the center, the reason why Hyundai Capital’s convictions are not shaken

In the past two years, Hyundai Capital has had a clear rebuilding trend. After finishing 6th in the 2020-2021 season, last season finished at the bottom of the 7 clubs, but the growth of young players such as Heo Soo-bong and Park Kyung-min, Kim Seon-ho and Hong Dong-seon was clear, so I was willing to endure the performance that did not fit the traditional volleyball reputation.

During the rebuilding period, young players who grew up quickly became the pride of Hyundai Capital. Among them, Heo Soo-bong, who has grown into the national team’s apositive spiker (light), is leading the team’s scoring with his offense and height. Park Kyung-min, Kim Myung-kwan, Hong Dong-seon, and Song Won-geun are also contributing to strengthening the team or strengthening the player base. Here, rookie setter Lee Hyeon-seung, who has a remarkable growth, is also helping to transform Hyundai Capital into a young team.

안전놀이터 However, if the veteran had not been the focal point, the strength to overcome the ups and downs might not have been enough. Hyundai Capital is doing well this season with 21 wins and 10 losses (64 points), but in the beginning, it lacked the strength to overturn a set that was behind by a large score. It is evaluated that there were not a few days that depended on the condition of the day. Choi Tae-woong, head coach of Hyundai Capital, wanted to see young players overcome the crisis on their own, and veterans stepped in to help.

Hyundai Capital quickly began to find stability as veterans such as Oreoll, Jeon Kwang-in, and Yeo Oh-hyun took center stage. Among them, coach Choi evaluated the veteran’s contribution as being great in the process of enduring without being pushed back in the home game against Woori Card on the 21st, and overturning it even if it fell behind by a considerable score. He said, “Young players are somewhat shaken by the crisis, but their abilities will definitely rise more,” he said. Even when his condition is not good, I can see him leading young players. That is the factor that can overcome the crisis,” he said.

Hyundai Capital is competing for the lead with Korean Air (22 wins, 9 losses, 65 points). As long as the center is firmly established, the belief towards becoming No. 1 is not shaken. Hyundai Capital playing coach Yeo Oh-hyun said, “In the beginning of the season, there were times when I kept losing to Korean Air, but I never thought of losing. Young players are the main players, so the atmosphere often changes, but in the second half, I feel more stable and confident. It’s a really good opportunity for us. There will only be more to go up,” he said with strength.

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