Gen.G’s Lucian-Yumi Card Considering First Strike and Second Half Carry Power

The general meta characteristic of the 13.1 patch, which was applied for three weeks after the opening, was that it divided Lucian-Nami and Jerry-Yumi (Lulu). Caitlin, who was intensively banned in the beginning, appeared over time, but Lucian’s carry ability, which showed firepower from the first core, was truly stable.

Then, what if Lucian and Yumi are a combination? Although Yumi received a major nerf in the 13.1B patch applied in the 4th week, some teams decided that she could be used even after the patch considering her potential after the mid-game.

That is the case with Genji. Although they lost the opening match against T1, Gen. G, who commanded the league until the beginning of the 4th week as a joint leader after winning 6 consecutive wins, suffered a 1-2 come-from-behind loss in the first round match against KT on the 11th. After winning the first set, the brakes on the winning streak were put on hold as the second and third sets were given up. With 2 losses in the season (6 wins, 2 losses, +7), they eventually gave up the lead to T1. Considering that T1 will play 9th place DRX on the 12th, it is difficult to expect a change in the rankings. 먹튀검증

Director Koh Dong-bin said, “I think the biggest nerf for Yumi was in the lineup. I chose Yumi because I thought that today’s matchup is enough for the laning phase, and that I can be more aggressive once I pass the laning phase.”

Han Wang-ho, who met with reporters with coach Koh Dong-bin after the KT match, complained, “I was disappointed in terms of performance rather than regret that the streak was cut off.” Director Koh Dong-bin, who evaluated it as still usable in “,” gave strength to the opinion.

“In the end, teamfighting is different between Lucian-Nami and Jerry-Lulu depending on the person and team inclination, but the strong point of Lucian-Nami is that they have the right to strike first. If you continued (snowball) by using the right of first attack, you would have gained a bit more advantage at the time of the second baron and the seventh dragon. Because I made a mistake in teamfighting, personally, I think I was stealing the baron for no reason. Even if you gave Baron, you couldn’t give him a dragon. It seems that it was difficult for the opponent who had the buff by completing the Baron buff and the Earth Dragon soul.”

Although the winning streak ended, Han Wang-ho threw a determination to raise the team atmosphere again with the determination to play the last opponent in the first round, Guangdong.

“Unfortunately, the winning streak ended, but there is one last game left in the first round. We will prepare hard so that we can win the match against Guangdong and continue the winning streak again. I hope you will watch a lot.

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