From sweep win to sweep loss, why Lotte welcomed the rain cancellation [MD Jamil].

The Lotte Giants faced the 13th rain cancellation of the season. Manager Larry Sutton welcomed the cancellation.

Sutton said after the match against LG, which was scheduled to be held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 22nd, was canceled due to rain,스포츠토토 “There are many players who are fatigued among the bullpen pitchers and fielders. Overall, it is nice to see the cancellation of the rain. I didn’t have much time.” He smiled.

It is especially nice to see the bullpen rest. Coach Sutton said, “Our team has a big difference in skills between the winning team and the pursuing team. There are many cases where the pursuing team can’t play their role more than expected, so the winning team has to come out inevitably. There are many times when the pitchers of the Pilseungjo group are on the mound even in games that are in the game, so the Pilseungjo group is under load, and as I said earlier, I think today’s break will help our bullpen pitchers.”

As he said, Seungmin Koo and Junyong Choi, members of Pilseungjoo, appeared in 4 out of 6 games last week. Each scored 1 run (72 pitches) in 3⅓ innings and 4 runs (66 pitches) in 3⅔ innings. Kim Sang-soo appeared in 5 games, one more game, and gave up 4 runs in 3⅓ innings. He threw 67 balls.

Last week Lotte had a rollercoaster-like week. They ignited hope for the top 5 by winning a sweep against SSG at home, but suffered a sweep loss on the Gocheok expedition. Suffered a shocking defeat to 10th place Kiwoom.

Coach Sutton said, “I had a chance to win all three games with Kiwoom. ‘s missed balls became a pair near the foul line, which led to a decisive score. It was a series that had a chance to win, but did not keep the victory to the end.”

However, rather than dwelling on the defeat, I try to make up for it and start the week again. Coach Sutton said, “The content of the match against Kiwoom was not bad. I will prepare well for the week,” he promised.

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