Former coach Kim Yeong-deok, the baseball legend who won the championship in the first year, dies. A living witness of early professional baseball… 87 years old

Former coach Kim Young-deok, who was the winning command of the Korean Series in the first year of professional baseball (1982), passed away on the 21st. He is 87 years old.

He is a living witness of Korean professional baseball in the early days of overcoming discrimination against Koreans in Japan. It was a giant tree that could not be explained only by the bold footsteps of winning the Korean Series once, finishing runner-up six times, and winning a total of 707 wins (7th in the manager’s most wins category). 슬롯사이트

Director Kim Jeon was born in Japan in 1936. He debuted in 1956 with the Nankai Hawks of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), and also won the Japan Series in 1959.

After entering the Korean Unemployment League in 1964, he played an active part in Korea Shipping Corporation, Crown Beer, and Hanil Bank. He also worked as a manager and player at Hanil Bank.

With the launch of professional baseball in 1982, he assumed command of the OB Bears. They took first place in the first season and went directly to the Korean Series, and won the first championship by defeating the Samsung Lions with 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, with Park Chul-soon of the ‘Phoenix’ at the forefront.

Afterwards, in 1985, he took the Samsung baton and built a monumental tower of unified championships in the postwar period, but suffered defeat in all six Korean Series challenges while going through the Samsung-Binggrae Eagles. He recorded 1207 KBO league games in his career, 707 wins, 20 draws and 480 losses.

Since then, as a legend of Doosan and Hanwha, he has continued his steps by throwing the first pitch in the Korean series, but he said goodbye to the familiar ground after his recent health deterioration.

His mortuary is in Bundang Seoul National University Hospital Funeral Hall Room 3, and his funeral will be held at 10:30 am on the 25th.

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