Effectively abandoning season for ‘$500 million in thin air,’ local criticism blasts “most expensive roster fiasco in ML history”

The New York Mets, which poured 메이저놀이터 more than $500 million last winter, turned into sellers. In fact, he gave up the season. He made a shocking decision to send out ace Max Scherzer (39).

The Mets traded with the Texas Rangers on the 30th (Korea Standard Time). Scherzer goes to Texas and Luis Angel Acuña, brother of Ronald Acuña Jr., wears the Mets uniform.

Earlier, the agreement between the clubs was over, but Scherzer’s veto and Mets’ salary subsidy were the key to the final agreement, but it was officially announced after the agreement.

The Mets opened their wallets enthusiastically last winter, but they had a vain result in one season.

The Mets failed to win the World Series even after winning 101 games in the regular season last year. He set out to regain his honor.

With the active support of owner Steve Cohen, he recruited Justin Verlander and $86 million in two years, Verlander ($86.6 million in two years), Senga Godai ($75 million in five years), Jose Quintana ($26 million in two years), and David Robertson ($10 million in one year).

This is not the end. It succeeded in cracking down on internal FA such as Edwin Diaz (five years $102 million), Brandon Nemo (eight years $162 million), and Adam Ottavino (two years $14.5 million).

It spent nearly $500 million (about 639 billion won) to sign contracts with all of them. It was even spotlighted as an investment that will go down in Major League history.

However, as we enter the season, the investment effect is minimal. The performance has not been good due to injuries and sluggishness of the main players.

He fell to fourth place in the National League East with 49 wins and 54 losses. Eventually, ahead of the trade deadline, the Mets ended up giving up the season.

The U.S. also criticized the Mets’ move.

The New York Times said, “The most expensive roster in Major League history has failed. Cohen said, “I spent $500 million to re-enjoy the glory of the World Series, but the money didn’t guarantee anything.”

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