‘Dragon’s Drama’ Jeonnam to Beat No. 1 Gyeongnam?

The Jeonnam Dragons (Jeonnam)먹튀검증, who are writing the all-time drama of 3 consecutive undefeated and 2 consecutive ‘second half equalizers’, will re-challenge points against the league leader Gyeongnam FC.

It is not an easy game for Jeonnam, who is facing the 21st round of the K-League 2. Changwon Soccer Center is a small area, a strong team that ranks first in the league, and even the opponent is currently winning 5 league games. 8 p.m. on the 16th can be dreadful.

However, Jeonnam is a drama team. Jeonnam, which was on the verge of defeat in two matches against Seoul E-Land and Chungnam Asan Pro Football Club, scored an equalizer in extra time in the second half with indomitable will, and recorded a 3-3 draw in two consecutive matches.

In this process, positive and negative parts were discovered one by one.

The performance of transfer students is a positive part. Players who can relieve the burden of ace Valdivia are active, including goalkeeper Ahn Jun-su, who was the best eleven in the first game, Mikichi who made his debut before debut, and Ji Sang-wook Ji.

In particular, Director Lee’s mercenary skills are amazing. In the previous game, Cho Sang-hoon was substituted and scored an equalizer that prevented the team from losing.

However, the insecurity of the rear build-up is a part that needs to be improved somewhat. In fact, Jeonnam, who struggled with strong forward pressure in the previous game, made a mistake in the pass play from behind and conceded a second goal.

Gyeongnam won all victories for a month in June, and especially in the previous game, the two starting strikers, Glaison and Kijong Won, showed a strong attacking team that tasted goals. Gyeongnam’s offense, who scored the first goal through the opponent’s pass miss, is a burden to Jeonnam. It can be said that the key is how much Jeonnam has supplemented this.

If Jeonnam (25 points, 7th place) wins this game, the difference between the 4th-6th places (around 30 points) and the top group (36-34 points) will be narrowed to around 2 points. can

Right before the Gimpo-Gimcheon match on the 15th, the current situation is that there is a difference of 4 points with 6th place Gimpo FC, who played one less game.

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