“Curses of 45”. How can they be so similar? Even their grades and back numbers…KIA’s “Failed Decalcomanie Foreign Farming”

The KIA Tigers broke up on the 4th by announcing foreign pitcher Adonis Medina as a waver. Medina is a foreign pitcher who has been recruited with high expectations as a player with three seasons in the Major League and eight seasons in the Minor League.

However, Medina did not win the trust of head coach Kim Jong-kook due to his jagged performance, and he recently lost confidence. Although he went through a control in the second division, it was of little use and eventually felt limited in patience, KIA pulled out a knife called release.

However, I feel like I’ve seen Medina’s release somewhere like Decalcomani. Yes, all stories are similar to last year’s KIA foreign pitcher Ronnie Williams.

First of all, the two players wore the same back number 45 times. And they are right-handed orthodox fireballers who throw fastballs that exceed 꽁머니 150 kilometers per hour. And the pitch design is very similar. Both players had a good fast pitch, but they had a hard time playing with batters because they did not have a slow pitch. I threw a fastball, a quick change-up, and a slider. Ronnie sometimes threw curves, but his batting average (9.8%) was not high.

In the end, I was always behind in the timing fight because I tried to deal with the batter only with a fast pitch with no difference in speed. Since it was difficult to play against batters, he overloaded walks in a avoiding match and often collapsed after receiving a decisive shot while gathering runners. They were two pitchers who were too similar even though they had similar results in how to play against batters.

Even if you look at the KBO league records, they are similar as if they were planned. In 2022, Ronnie was 3 wins and 3 losses in 44.1 innings in 10 games, 5.89 32 strikeouts, 28 walks, WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) 1.69 WAR (contribution to victory) -0.78. And in 2023, Medina had two wins and six losses in 58 innings in 12 games, 6.05 36 strikeouts, 29 walks, WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) 1.60 WAR (contribution to victory) -0.67.

Medina and Roddy were negative WAR foreign pitchers who put a burden on KIA at the time when they lacked a plus WAR. They were pitchers who could be rewritten if they could be rewritten, but they couldn’t be fixed.

But why did KIA repeat the same mistake. I failed with Ronnie last year, but why did I choose a similar type of Medina this season. After all, Medina was a failed foreign pitcher, nothing more than Ronnie, who played last year. KIA, which failed to learn a lesson amid its failure, has already fallen to ninth place in the league rankings.

KIA is trying to recruit a substitute foreign pitcher as soon as possible to join the mid-range fight before the All-Star break.

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