Curse of Netflix? 9 out of 10 ‘Break Point’ cast members disappear

Foreign media reports that most of the players appearing in Netflix’s tennis documentary dropped out of the Australian Open early or could not even participate due to injuries, falling under the ‘Netflix Curse’.

, which started filming at the Australian Open last year, has already released 5 episodes corresponding to Part 1. Among them, former world number 2 Paula Vadosa (Spain), world number 35 Isla Tomjanovic (Australia), and former world number 13 Nick Kyrios (Australia) announced their absence from the Australian Open due to injury. People started talking about whether it was a point curse. As the finals began on the 16th, other cast members were eliminated early one after another, and rumors are spreading.

In the men’s singles, 13th seed Matteo Berrettini (Italy) suffered a come-from-behind defeat to Andy Murray (Great Britain), and 2nd seed Casper Rudd (Norway), who was considered one of the favorites to win, lost in the second round to world number 39 Jensen Brooksby. There was a blue wave of defeat to (USA). Eighth seed Taylor Fritz (USA) also knelt down to Alexei Poplin (Australia), who played as a wild card. Tanasi Kokinakis (Australia), who won the men’s doubles event with Kirios last year, defeated world No. 9 Fabio Fonini (Italy) in the first round of singles, but lost to Murray in the second round. 카지노

Ons Jaber (Tunisia), the second seed in the women’s singles, also unexpectedly got eliminated in the second round, losing to World No. 86 Marketa Bondorsova (Czech Republic).

Regarding ‘The Curse of Netflix’, Fritz said, “I don’t know. I don’t think I lost because I was on it.” Maria Sakari (Greece), 6th seed, said after the second round, “The curse of Netflix? I’ve never heard of it. The documentary filming staff were all nice people, so I had a good time. If you get distracted by such rumors, bad luck will come. Of course there are games that don’t go well, but it’s because I played badly, not because of the curse.” However, Sakari was also defeated in the third round by world number 87 Zhu Lin (China), who had never beaten a top 10 player before.
In response, Netflix posted on its official Twitter account that the disappearance of 9 out of 10 people was “to be clear, this is just a coincidence”.

Regardless of curse or not, 9 out of 10 players who appeared in the episode disappeared by the 3rd round, and only 6th seed Felix Ozer Aliasim (Canada) remained. Ozer Aliasim, who is the only one to reach the 4th round, faces world number 71 Iri Rehica (Czech Republic) at the age of 21 in the next match. Rehica advanced to the round of 16 by beating 11th seed Cameron Norri (Great Britain) and 21st seed Borna Choric (Croatia) in this tournament.

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