Choi Doo-ho passed the weigh-in before returning to the UFC… Seven Korean players, including Jeong Da-un, are ‘ready’

‘Korean Superboy’ Choi Doo-ho (31, Team Mad) has finished preparations for his comeback after 3 years and 2 months.

Choi Doo-ho, who will face Kyle Nelson at featherweight at UFC Fight Night 218 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on the 5th (Korean time), recorded 145.5 pounds in the weigh-in held at the same place on the 4th.

The featherweight limit is 145 pounds. Excluding the title fight, a 1-pound margin is given considering the error on the weight scale. In other words, you can adjust it to 146 pounds.

Nelson also weighed 145.5 pounds.

Choi Doo-ho had a well-groomed face, but he got off the scale after finishing the weigh-in without a big change in his expression. He was calm even in the face-off where he faced his opponent Nelson and took a fighting pose. He shook hands with Nelson and did not engage in a special war of nerves.

Choi Doo-ho is on a three-game losing streak. In July 2016, he knocked out Thiago Tavares, and it has been more than six years since he tasted the thrill of victory. 스포츠토토

Choi Doo-ho prepared for this match with ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-seong Jeong. According to the training program designed by Jung Chan-sung, he worked hard to strengthen his physical strength so that he could maintain his explosive power and concentration even in the second half of the game.

All seven Korean players participating in this event passed the weigh-in. Light heavyweight Jeong Da-woon weighed 205 pounds, middleweight Park Jun-yong weighed 185.5 pounds, and female flyweight Kim Ji-yeon weighed 125.5 pounds.

The ‘ROAD TO UFC’ contestants who were placed on the undercard also finished weighing in smoothly. In the featherweight final, Lee Jung-young weighed 145 pounds, while in the flyweight final, Choi Seung-guk and Park Hyeon-seong weighed 125.5 and 124.5 pounds, respectively.

A total of 24 fighters from UFC Fight Night 218 who weighed-in will now focus on recovery before the match.

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