Cheonju Choi “I made a big mistake before Baron”

D-Plus Kia coach Choi Cheon-joo, who suffered two consecutive losses, revealed that he is aiming to diversify the winning pattern. 안전놀이터

Diple Kia was completely defeated by Gen.G 0-2 in the 3rd week of the 2023 ‘LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring season regular league held at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 1st. Both sets gave up the Nexus without being able to use their hands properly. With 3 wins and 2 losses (+3), they came down to 4th place.

Diple Kia played the red side in both sets that day. Coach Choi, who came to the press room after the game, said, “There is a reason why I chose the red side this time even though I won a lot on the blue side at the beginning of the season.” Regretful. I think I’m lacking a lot, so I need to prepare harder.”

The patch version is the same as the previous 1 or 2 weeks, but it is like giving up the side that produced good results. Coach Choi said, “As a manager, I wanted to show various winning patterns.” I set the direction of whether I can show what I prepared in the competition,” he explained.

Coach Choi looked at the game that day and said, “We played well in the beginning, but before giving the Baron buff to the opponent, there was a big miss as a team. I made a mistake in a situation where I had to work on my vision and connect organically with each other.”

Regarding the poor performance of key player ‘Showmaker’ Heo-soo, he wrapped up the player, saying, “There were some regrettable scenes today, but players cannot always do well.” Coach Choi said, “The players do very well in practice and competitions. He doesn’t care much if he doesn’t do it a few times today,” he said.

The second consecutive defeat of Diple Kia, which was considered a favorite for the championship, was unexpected. Coach Choi said, “I can’t list them in detail, but after losing the last two games, I clearly knew what we lacked and what we needed to improve. It’s the same in games and bans and picks,” he said.

Diple Kia seeks to escape the losing streak against Guangdong. Coach Choi said, “It is natural to aim for victory,” and “I think the fans will be worried because we showed poor performances in the previous two games. I will make up for what seemed lacking.”

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