Are you happy with Croatia? Archen with applause, excitement is inevitable

Croatia is one of the best teams in the tournament.

Argentina’s 2022 Qatar World Cup semi-final opponent is Croatia, the runner-up in the last tournament. The two teams will face off at Lusail Stadium in Doha, Qatar at 10:00 pm local time on the 13th (4:00 am on the 14th Korean time).

In terms of objective power and player composition, Argentina seems to have an advantage. Perhaps that is why, ahead of the quarterfinal match against the Netherlands on the 9th, Argentinian spectators gathered in Lusail cheered for Croatia’s victory. There was some joy in the elimination of rival Brazil, but there was also a sense of satisfaction with Croatia being decided as the semifinal opponent.

Carelessness is forbidden. Just looking at the quarterfinals right now, Croatia beat Brazil. It was a close game that went to the penalty shootout, but only scored one goal against Brazil, which had strong firepower. Croatia went head-to-head against Brazil. In ball possession, they were ahead with 45% vs. 42%, and the number of passes was 715 vs. 695, and Croatia had more. Although they trailed 9-20 in the number of shots, the match was tight enough to draw 1-1 for 120 minutes.

The record to pay particular attention to is the amount of activity. Croatia ran a total of 148 km in the match against Brazil. It ran 5 km more than Brazil’s 143 km. In modern football, especially in this tournament, the phenomenon of teams 토토사이트 playing a lot getting closer to victory is remarkable. Instead of running hard and not giving space to the opponent, Croatia is a team that is good at creating space for us. Looking at the number of ‘line breaks’ breaking the opponent’s defensive line, Croatia has 856 times, far more than Argentina’s 809 times.

The midfield line, centered on veteran midfielder Luka Modric, supported by Mateo Kovacic and Marcelo Brozovic, is especially solid. They control the distance between airlifts with superior activity and organized movements to gain an advantage in the back fight against opponents. Croatia is the team in which the solidity of the midfield line stands out the most in this tournament.

In addition, the defensive organization that only allowed 3 runs in 5 games is excellent. Center back Yoshko Grabardiol, born in 2002, holds out for central defense, which is not easily shaken by any opponent. Brazil also went into extra time and scored just one goal. In this tournament, Argentina tends to lead the team with Lionel Messi’s individual ability. Even in the quarterfinals, Messi stood out as an individual rather than a team. If Messi is subjected to intensive checks in front of Croatia’s neat defensive wall, he may not find an answer.

Croatia is the team that finished runners-up in the last tournament. Morocco, who reached the semifinals in this tournament, is also the only opponent to not win.

In many respects, the applause from the Argentine crowd may have been ‘exciting’. Domestic soccer fans often use this expression. Excitement is a must.

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