An upset just out of reach…Daegu FC draws with Incheon despite strong start

A victory narrowly missed. Daegu FC drew with Incheon United in a close game at Anbang.

Daegu, who won their last two matches against Gwangju FC and Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 15th round of the Hana One Q K League 2023 on Sunday, were looking for their third straight win at DGB Daegu Bank Park, but had to settle for a draw and a point.

Daegu started with a 3-4-3 formation. Edgar, Sejingya, and Ko Jae-hyun were up front. Sejingya dropped slightly below Edgar and Ko to coordinate the attack. Hong Chul, Lee Yong-rae, Lee Jin-yong, and Hwang Jae-won held the midfield, while Cho Jin-woo, Hong Jung-woon, and Kim Jin-hyuk formed the back three. Choi Young-eun was in goal. Park Se-jin and Keita were the only other starters.

From the beginning of the first half, it was one-on-one and fierce offense. In the 7th minute, Daegu opened the scoring with a mid-range shot from Sejingya, which was blocked by Incheon goalkeeper Lee Tae-hee. Incheon heavily marked Sejingya to prevent Daegu from counterattacking. When Sejingya got the ball and wanted to attack, she was fouled.

With neither side’s offense linking up smoothly, Daegu took the lead. In the 30th minute, Incheon Gerso caught the ball on the left side of the Daegu penalty box and cut it back, and Shin Shin-ho received the pass and fired a mid-range shot to open the Daegu goal.

On the other hand, Edgar’s header and Lee Jin-yong’s mid-range shot failed to open the Incheon goal. In first-half stoppage time, there was a chance for a counterattack. After receiving a pass, Go Jae-hyun rushed to the right side of Incheon’s goal and shot from mid-range, but narrowly missed the target.

Five minutes into the second half, 스포츠토토 Daegu equalized. Sejingya’s corner kick was cleared by Edgar. Edgar got behind the opposing defender and rattled the Incheon goal with a header. Daepak jumped up and down, and the fans’ cheers grew louder.

In the 11th minute of the second half, he pulled a goal back. Sejingya drove the ball into the center of the opponent’s box and passed to Hwang Jae-won, who raced down the right side and sent a short cross to the left side of the Incheon box. Edgar, who was behind the defense, rushed forward and headed it in for his second goal of the season and the game-winning goal.

In the 18th minute of the second half, Daegu avoided a crucial goal. The video review confirmed a foul by the Daegu defense and awarded a penalty kick, but Incheon’s Hernandez’s shot hit the crossbar and rebounded. Daegu utilized the speed of Vassellus, who was substituted for Hong Chul, to threaten the opponent’s goal, but were denied victory by Incheon’s Hong Si-hoo in the second half of added time.

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